Icom IC-M88 IS

Icom IC-M88 IS

IC-M88 IS is an explosion-proof portable VHF radio. Compact and shockproof, able to work in harsh and adverse conditions on the sea and on land. It is made according to JIS7 ​​standard, which makes it water resistant. All the elements are carefully designed and arranged so as to provide simplicity and convenience in work. In addition, a large and clear LCD display and illuminated buttons allow you to instantly recognize data and provide reliable communication in any lighting conditions.

The radio station includes 22 programmable channels reserved for use on land (146-174 MHz). Has instant access to 16 and 9 channels. It is equipped with a large capacity battery (1700mAh), which makes it possible to use it up to 20 hours autonomously.

General characteristics:

 Frequency range

 Tx: 156,025157,425, Rx: 156,050163,275. LMR Tx/Rx: 146,000-174,000

 Number of channels

 22 programmable (LMR) +10 weather, all US, international b of Canada


 0,25 (12 signal / noise)

 Frequency grid spacing

 25 (), 12,5/25 (LMR)

 Operating temperature range

 -20 ~ +60 (), -30 ~ +60 (LMR)


 50 Ω ()

 Protection class

 JIS 7

 The size

 62 x 97 x 39

 The weight



 Output power (Hi/Mid/Low)

 5 / 3 / 1

 Maximum frequency deviation

 The sea ( 5.0 ) LMR (./. 5.0/2.5 )

 Coefficient of hum and noise

 The sea (40 dB) LMR (40/34 dB)

 Capacity of the adjacent channel

 The sea (70dB .) LMR (70/60dB .)

 Spurious emission

 70dBc typical


 Sensitivity (at 12 dB signal / noise)

 0.25 , typ.

 Squelch sensitivity

 0.35 , typ.

 Selectivity for an adjacent channel

 The sea (70 dB typ.) LMR(70/60 dB typ.)

 Coefficient of hum and noise

 The sea (40 dB typ.) LMR(40/34 dB typ.)

 Audio Output Power

 0.35 typ. (at 10% distortion and load 8 ohms)

 Intermodulation failure

 70 dB typ.

 False answer

 70 dB typ.

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