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Icom IC-M72

Icom IC-M72
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Portable VHF Icom IC-M72 has all the necessary features to ensure high quality communication in the sea. IC-M72 Marine Register approved for use as an additional communications equipment. Radio adapted to the conditions of peak temperatures, high vibration, while Fall and Rise of the radioactive background. Housing Icom IC-M72 is made in accordance with the standard IPX8, which guarantees excellent protection against water ingress. 
A model IC-M72 has a number of useful features. This is primarily built squelch, which is required in areas with high background noise or during a strong wind at sea. Icom IC-M72 automatically adjusts the volume level. The radio does not sink in water. Provides longer operating in power saving mode. 
Key features: 
  • Built maksirator speech compatible with UT-112 
  • Large LCD display with high resolution 
  • The dual / tri-
  • 4-step mode to save battery power 
  • Auto start scanning when no signal for a predetermined time 
  • Auto meteopreduprezhdeniya 
  • Optional OPC-1392 headset to work with the station hands-free (VOX). 
  • Function of drainage water. 
Specifications Icom IC-M72: 
  • Frequency range, MHz TX: 156.025 - 157.425 RX: 156.050 - 163.275 
  • Number of channels all marine channels 
  • Transmitter output power, W 6 W 
  • Food Li-Ion 2000 mA / h 
  • Size 52.5 mm x 125 mm x 30 mm 
  • Weight 280 g

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