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Icom IC-M73

Icom IC-M73
  • RMRS
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PORTABLE marine radio IC-M73 - is an analogue IC-M72. It works with various international channels, including channels of the USA and Canada. RAPID ACCESS TO EMERGENCY CHANNEL 16.
Convenient and versatile IC-M73 is executed in durable and reliable enclosure that withstand harsh ENVIRONMENTAL. INFORMATION LCD display has 'tickers', which displays the necessary information. SCREEN has an LED battery capacity. You can choose PRIEMLIEMUYU BRIGHT. Easy to operate. HAS rubber plug to prevent moisture. Headset jack. Conveniently located CONTROLS. It has a removable antenna.
For comfortable work in IC-M73, you can configure the necessary communication channels and choose the level of performance (low, medium, high). KEY 'my' unifies the channels used and provides quick access to them.
Additional functions:
  • the useful signal scan
  • Dual Watch function to monitor frequencies
  • Squelch Adjustment Function
  • quick access to emergency channel Function
  • The function works in repeater mode
  • function AquaQuake
  • last call recording function.
Package Included:
• Radio station Icom IC-M73
• BC-210 Quick charger
• Battery Icom BP-245N
• Antenna FA-S64V
• Clip for fastening on belt
• Hand Strap
• Instruction in Russian
• Warranty Card
  • Protection rating - IPX8
  • Frequency range - 156.025 - 157,425 MHz
  • Sensitivity - 0.22 mV
  • Output Power - 6 Watt
  • Dimensions - 52.5h125h30
  • Weight - 320 g
  • Operating Temperature - -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
  • Resistance - 50 ohms

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