Portable marine radio IC-GM1600E GMDSS

Portable marine radio IC-GM1600E GMDSS
Portable marine radio IC-GM1600E GMDSS - used on ships and boats, conducting search and rescue operations. It complies with IMO Resolution A.694 (17) /MSC.149 (77) and MED 96/98 / EC. Certified Russian River Register and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. It meets the requirements of the Global Maritime Distress System (GMDSS).
IC-GM1600E GMDSS is made of durable and waterproof housing. Thus radio copes with severe environmental conditions and resistant to damage. Yellow color is tried to facilitate the search for the radio in case of loss. Meets IPX7. Has Speed Water Removal function to remove water from the speaker.
The large LCD display features a wide viewing angle. It provides clear images and accurate representation of the requested information. It has a four-level display contrast setting mode and a three-level backlight adjustment mode.
Package Included:
The transceiver IC-GM1600E
BP-224 Battery
BC-158 Battery Charger
Antenna FA-SG1V
BC-147 AC Adapter
Clamp for fixing
User's manual
Frequency range - 156.300-156.875 MHz
Power (audio) - 0.2 W
Food - 7.2 V DC
Resistance - 50 ohms
Power Output - 2 Watt
Operating temperature - 20C + 50C
Dimensions - mm 65h145h44
Weight - 385 g

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Portable marine radio IC-GM1600E GMDSS

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