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Standard Horizon HX100

Standard Horizon HX100
  • RMRS
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Standard Horizon HX 100 radio stations, for exceptional durability and provides high-quality communications. Portable and has a simple configuration, as well as a convenient menu, a VHF radio. The case is made of durable waterproof material which guarantees positive buoyancy. Conforms protection IPX7. Provides on maritime frequencies. Serves maritime links the US, Canada and other international channels.
Compactness in combination with large control buttons allows Standard Horizon HX100 when working with perchatkok. The main body is built key ready access to channel 16 and to the weather channel, for example NOAA c alarm function. Bright LCD display. It displays the serial number of the communication channel, battery level, and the level of noise reduction. Integrated key lock function.
Despite the slim and stylish execution, HX100 provides water resistance and stay on the surface of the water. Automatically lights Special LED bulb in contact with water. This feature makes it easy to find a radio station in spite of difficult conditions visible.
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Frequency Range TX: 156,025-157,425 MHz. RX: 156,050-163,275 MHz 
  • The output power of 2.5 W
  • Modulation 16K0G3E (FM)
  • The sensitivity of 0.3 mV (12 dB SINAD)
  • The battery life of 7.5 hours
  • Power 4.8 DC Audio output 500mW
  • Weight 2.45 kg
  • Dimensions 62h135h38,5
  • Operating temperature range -20 +60 ° C
  • Frequency spacing 25 kHz
  • Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
  • Microphone Impedance 2 ohm
  • Consumption of 300 mA
Certificate RMRS

Брошюра HX100 

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Online registration of EPIRB

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