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Standard Horizon HX400IS

Standard Horizon HX400IS
  • RMRS
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Standard Horizon HX400IS - is the latest compact wearable radio, operating in the UHF frequency range. Designed for use on a variety of ships and land. It has 40 programmable operating channels. It is water and explosion-proof radio. It comes with an intrinsically safe battery FNB-115LIIS high-capacity 2300 mAh battery that provides 17 hours of battery life without recharging. It has double and triple function monitoring, as well as priority scan. Certified RMRS.
Structurally, the transceiver has a powerful noise-canceling microphone, which allows you to work in any environmental conditions, including high winds and noisy environments. Built-in voice scrambler provides secure communication. Radio display has a battery indicator for more convenient use. It is possible to lock the keys.
In HX400IS Package Includes:
  • transceiver
  • Antenna
  • Li-ion battery
  • for recharging device
  • Manual
  • Water resistance - IPX8
  • Frequency Range - Sea + WX: 156,025-163,275 MHz, LMR: 134,000-174,000 MHz
  • The number of channels - 40 programmable
  • Power Output - 5 W / 1 W
  • Food - 7.4 V DC
  • Dimensions - 57 x 133 x 40 mm
  • Weight - 350 g
  • Frequency spacing - 25 / 12.5 kHz
  • Modulation - 16K0G3E (sea), 16K0F3E and 11K0F3E (LMR)
Certificate RMRS

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