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Intrinsically safe portable radio Entel HT544 - used during the conduct of technical operations in harsh environments. It is completely waterproof. An analogue of the series 1.0 radios. Has IECEx protection class. Complies with military standard MIL STD 810C / D / E / F
HT544 combines strength, reliability and advanced technology. It provides resistance to vibrations and damage. Immersion in water at a depth of 5 meters for 60 minutes has no effect on the technical characteristics of the radio.
The body is equipped with a bright LCD display, with a brightness control function. Displays the battery charge indicator. It is also possible to adjust the speaker volume. Thanks to the rubber coating HT544 easy to hold hands even important.
Main functions:
  • The noise canceling function
  • The keypad lock
  • Features power of choice
  • Channel Scan Function
  • Programmable with PC
Package Included:
  • Radio HT544
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Clip for fastening
  • User's manual
  • Frequency range - 156.025-157.425 MHz
  • The number of channels - 57 (international)
  • Food - 7.4
  • Hours - 8 hours (on battery power)
  • Power Output - 4 W
  • Operating temperature - 20C + 60C
  • Dimensions - 130x59.5x37 mm
  • Weight - 230 g