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Granit R-43

Portable radio Granit R-43 is formed in an impact-resistant case, so can be used in harsh environments. Granite P-43 has a range of 146 – 174 or MHz. The radio has a wide range of functions, providing a high quality stable connection: several scanning modes, a built-in noise gate, installation of various devices to transform speech (04HK014R, 04HK100-01, Daxon D600, Daxon D700, Zircon, Granite encoder). 
  • Informative LCD display with backlight 
  • Software implemented functions CTCSS, DTMF, dial tone 
  • Comprehensive software with programmable radio via infrared with PC 
  • Cloning stations via infrared 
  • Programming with the basic parameters of the radio with the ability to set a password to prevent unauthorized access 
  • Frequency band, MHz 146 - 174 
  • Power Output 2.0 - 5.0 
  • Frequency deviation of ± 5 kHz 
  • Number of memory channels 99 + 1 
  • Frequency control Frequency Synthesizer 
  • Receiver Type Double-conversion superheterodyne frequency 
  • Sensitivity, mV 0.18 
  • Selectivity 70 dB 
  • Sound output, 0.5 W 
  • Operating voltage, V 7.2 
  • Operating temperature range, C -25 ... +55 
  • Overall dimensions 134 x 58 x 40 (with battery) 
  • Weight 0,420

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