Marine portable radio Entel HT644

Entel HT644

Entel HT644
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Marine portable radio Entel HT644 has been designed to solve the problems of the sea, it comes with pre-programmed 58 marine channels 10 Weather channels with 36 programmable private channels. Entel HT644 made in accordance with the highest standards, is a reliable radio has protection IP68, which means that it is resistant to shock, vibration, dust and moisture. Advanced noise reduction technology provides excellent sound quality. Waterproof connector can withstand rough use any number and has a fixing bolt, in order to protect the connector.

Large LCD displays information such as channel numbers, counting battery, signal strength, etc., Marine portable radio Entel HT644 can easily be used with gloves and without.


  • Frequency Range 156 - 163.275MHz
  • Channels All INT, USA & CAN Marine Channels
  • Channel Spacing 25 kHz
  • Communication Method Simplex / semi duplex
  • Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
  • Antenna Whip / stubby
  • Battery Type 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery pack
  • Power Supply Voltage 7.4V DC
  • Current Drain (nominal) 40mA
  • Duty Cycle (5/5/90) 12.5 hours
  • Microphone Internal condenser microphone
  • Operating Temperature -20 to +55C
  • Construction MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F
  • IP Rating IP68 (5 Metres for 1 Hour)
  • Size (mm) 59.5(W) x 130(H) x 37(D)
  • Weight 277g with battery and aerial
  • Power Output High 5W / Low - 1W
  • Modulation 8K0G3E/16K0G3E
  • Oscillator Method PLL
  • Frequency Stability 2.5PPM
  • Maximum Deviation 5 kHz
  • Audio Distortion < 5% (1 kHz 60%)
  • Spurious Emission -68 [dBc]
  • Hum & Noise -40 [dB]
  • Receiver Type Double Super Heterodyne type
  • Sensitivity -0.25uV (12dB SINAD)
  • Frequency Stability 2.5PPM
  • Spurious Rejection -60 dB
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity -60 dB (Narrow) , -70 dB (Wide)
  • Distortion < 5% (1 kHz 60%)
  • Hum & Noise -40 dB
  • Audio Output 1W
Certificate RMRS
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