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MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex - is a unique portable VHF radio, working on marine frequencies. The latest ATEX technology allows this model to withstand the most dangerous environmental conditions such as explosive gases, combustible dusts, vapors and other chemicals. With radio MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex guarantee quality communications and high productivity. It meets the requirements of MIL-STD-810 and has a degree of protection IP-67.
MOTOTRBO DP4000 Ex - a unique combination of two-way communication and the latest digital technology. Voice data is integrated with incredible ease, without wasting bandwidth. The radio provides long battery life up to 5 years. Moreover resistant model 30 minute immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter.
Although there is no display in this model, the radio is equipped with programmable keys located in a convenient manner and is quite easy to operate. Also on the case is available alarm button, painted in orange color. Walkie easy to use even with gloves on.
With the connection to the Internet, you can extend the reach of the territory in which the station is able to receive the signal. In general conversational podklyuit network can be up to 32 users. And with built-in GPS receiver can track the location of stations in the form of journal entries.
Intelligent Audio feature allows you to automatically adjust the radio settings to compensate for background noise so the person does not have to be distracted during the negotiations, which would make the sound.
  • Dimensions - 138.5 x 56.7 x 37.8 mm
  • Weight - 455.5 g
  • Food - 7.4
  • Degree of protection - IP-67
  • Battery life - 16 hours
  • Channel spacing - 12.5 / 20 / 25kHz
  • Intermodulation - 70 dB
  • Power Output - 1 W
  • Operating Temperature - -20 ° C + 55 ° C

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