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The public address system Zenitel ACM-144-V10, AACM-144-V10

Zenitel ACM-144-V10, AACM-144-V10 - Zenitel handsfree system, equipped with a multiple-choice relay inputs and outputs, audio outputs and automatic switching to backup power, vary the amount of built-in subscriber ports (17 and 23). Both options have been tested and certified by PMPC. The frame, which is rotated by 19 '', providing easy access to the terminals for installation and maintenance.
System Zenitel ACM-144-V10, AACM-144-V10 developed on the basis of internal communications AlphaCom E, showing the latest developments, such as IP-telephony, Web-site management and IP switching. IP DECT base stations are connected directly to the exchanger over IP, providing a very cost effective solution for deploying a wireless network on board.
  • Power supply: 230 V AC with automatic changeover to emergency 230 V AC
  • Ports: 6 relay outputs, 6 inputs, 4 channel audio output, 6 channel audio
  • Protection class - IP 22
  • The number of translation lines: 17/23
  • Dimensions: mm 600h1250h600
  • Weight - 180 kg


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Catalogue of spare parts POL 2016