Clinometer KM, Type "Planeta"

Clinometer KM, Type "Planeta"
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Clinometer KM, Type "Planeta"

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Clinometer KM - designed to measure the angle of heel of the vessel and is used to complete the ships and floating structures on the sea, rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
 It can be used on vessels of any class and navigation area. Located on the vessel in the cabin room.
Clinometer KM (type Planeta) works on the plumb principle. The device is constructed from a sector scale with a gradation and an arrow, which moves freely in the transverse plane of the vessel. When the ship is tilted, the needle remains upright under the action of gravity, while the scale rolls along with the vessel, and thus the arrow shows the “angular deviation” of the scale to the right or left side.

Technical details:

  • Overall dimensions no more than 280x207x42 mm.
  • The scale range is 50-0-50 °.
  • The scale value is 1 °.
  • Roll angle measurement range - +/- 40 °
  • Weight - not more than 0.43 kg.

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