Hydrostatic HAMMAR H20

Hydrostatic HAMMAR H20 (hydrostatic release units) is designed to separate devices: rafts (liferaft) and Beacon (EPIRB) of the mounting points on the vessels.
Hydrostatic HAMMAR H20 is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon, which protects it from corrosion. Hydrostatic unit Hammar H20 needs no annual maintenance and spare parts.
The principle of operation HAMMAR H20 is the impact of water pressure through the membrane on the spring with a cutting blade, which in turn cuts the weakest link - the uncoupling device and pops. Comes with a certificate of RMRS.
Shelf life in the composition of the product - 2 years.
Weight per pkg. box - 250 grams,
Dimensions 90h65h175 mm.

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