Microphone ICOM HM-195

Microphone ICOM HM-195
The HM-195 is an ICOM microphone designed to remotely control the radio at distances up to 18.3 m. The HM-195 has a new menu system that provides simple and intuitive operation. The LCD display of the microphone displays all the user's data, including the key functions of the radio station.

Convenient keyboard, Distress button on the back of the microphone, high degree of waterproofness - functions that make the HM-195 microphone comfortable and practical in all conditions.

The HM-195 has several models:
  • HM-195B / SW - control panel with microphone (CommandmicIV), available in black and white, has IPX-7 protection, suitable for IC-M400BB / M423 / M506 radios. Has full control over the function of digital selective calling (DSC).
  • The HM-195GB / GW is a control panel with a microphone (CommandmicIV), comes in black and white, has IPX-7 protection, is used as an intercom for the IC-M400BB / M423 / M506 / M605 radios.


  • Compatibility: marine radio stations Icom IC-M423 / M424, IC-M506, IC-M400BB
  • Size: 67.5 × 144.5 × 37mm
  • Weight: approx. 400 g
  • Power - from the radio station
  • Consumption - less than 0,7 A
  • Audio power 2.0 W (external output)
  • Color: white, black

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Microphone ICOM HM-195

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