Handheld Microphone SAILOR 3590

Handheld Microphone SAILOR 3590
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Handheld Microphone SAILOR 3590

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Handheld Microphone SAILOR 3590 is designed for use with portable radios such as;

Handheld Microphone SAILOR 3590
  • SAILOR SP3530
  • SP3540
  • SP3560.

    Is intrinsically safe equipment to ensure high-quality marine communications. Equipped with connectors for ATEX, PELTOR and accessories SavOx. To maintain high performance microphone during operation, it is necessary to monitor connectors (keep them dry) and not connect other accessories that do not fit the description above.

Factory acceptance tests 12.09.2021 Factory acceptance tests
Commissioning is the process of fine-tuning the installed equipment so that it works correctly and performs its functions. They are carried out in stages, starting from the manufacturer's workshop, where important equipment is checked before being sent to the shipyard. These checks carried out by the manufacturer are called Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). They confirm that the equipment was in order when it left the shop.