Yokogawa CMZ900

Yokogawa CMZ900

Yokogawa CMZ900
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System configuration allows CMZ900 adapt it to the requirements of any user, regardless of the tonnage of the ship. There are 3 types of configuration series CMZ900:

CMZ900B: single-piece, designed for small boats

CMZ900S: single-piece, designed for all types of merchant ships

CMZ900D: 2-block, provides increased reliability

Data on vessel speed rotation (ROT) are displayed in a high-speed format IEC 61162-2

Unique anti-vibration system that uses a viscous oil property dampen external factors significantly reduces the effects of vibration and external shocks

Small and light container mining improves the speed of the servo system

Gyro works very smoothly and without delay, it is very convenient for small high-speed vessels

Compact design: the main unit and the control unit (for models and CMZ900S CMZ900D) can be mounted inside the rack autopilot

Reset time can be set from 1 to 99 hours

Override speed deviation

Automatic correction of the speed deviation when data are received from the ship's speed and lag positions from GPS or other device (for models and CMZ900S CMZ900D). In the absence of GPS positions from its value calculated from the readings of the course and speed

External signal rate from other devices (magnetic compass, GPS-compass, etc.) can be transmitted to repeaters or other equipment as duplicates (for models and CMZ900S CMZ900D)

Built-in monitor determines the difference between the readings of the main unit and external sensors course (for models and CMZ900S CMZ900D)

Mechanical switch, as well as a programmable switch allows you to choose which primary gyro device to be used (for the CMZ900D)

Easy maintenance

In girosfere used titanium capsule and the electrodes, resulting in purity inside the container very long service intervals

If necessary girosfera can replaced by the crew


Certificate RMRS

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