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PGM-V-024 - is a girogorizontkompas equipped with a sensor average accuracy of movement. The sensor is designed based on fiber optic gyroscopes. PGM-V-024 is used to determine the course of the vessel with respect to the geographical meridian, pitching angle and outputting the data to external customers. Designed for use on different types of ships, including passenger and special purpose ships. A distinctive feature is a small time availability, automatic start and show respect to the meridian. The adjustment takes place on the information from the ship's receiver GPS / GLONASS and on a signal from the lag.
Girogorizontkompas meets the requirements of IMO Resolution standards and guidelines IEC.
PGM-V-024 provides data, such as:
  • Geographic course
  • The angle of pitch and roll
  • The angular velocity of the pitching and the exchange rate
The navigation information in the form of a digital signal delivered at the maximum speed of the vessel up to 70 knots maximum trim the corners.
With small dimensions and low weight of PGM-V-024 has low power consumption and heat dissipation, and easy to maintain.
Options PGM-V-024 includes:
  • CPU - the central device - provides delivery to consumers of information about the course, and pitching angles of the channels with different transmission speeds of 4800 baud / sec to 38400 / sec.
  • Software - remote operator - used to display navigation information, operating modes and girogorizontkompasa troubleshooting and configuration of input and input signals.
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • translation devices, repeaters and interface devices.
  • Recovery time - about 10 minutes
  • Steady error, : < 0,3 sec 
  • Dynamic error, : < 0,6 sec
  • Accuracy - 24
  • Power consumption - 30 W
  • MTBF - 40,000 hours
  • Interface - 4 x RS 422/2 x RS 232
  • Operating Temperature - -15 + 55 C
  • Dimensions of the CPU - 325x220x175 mm
  • Weight - 12.5 kg
  • Dimensions Software - 300x80x175 mm
  • Weight - 4 kg
Certificate RMRS

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