Simrad GC85

Simrad GC85
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GC85 is a gyroscopic compass developed by Simrad and intended for use on high-speed vessels. Easy and fast installation and adjustment of the process, as well as the fact that no annual maintenance is required, makes the Simrad GC85 gyroscope the best solution for any 24/7 operator. The maximum possible accuracy and stability is provided by a complex and completely sealed sensitive element.
The GC85 gyrocompass is available with compact, dual or extended control units. The main blocks are a compass, two control units and a sensor. It is possible to supplement the set with repeaters, analog converter, power supply, extended control panel. GC85 has an error of up to 0.3 degrees and processing speed is up to 75 degrees / s. Gyrocompass Simrad GC85 has the certificate of approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and IMO.
  • Maximum speed of the servo system 75 / s
  • Time of bringing to the meridian is not more than 180 minutes.
  • Accuracy caused by rapid change in course No more than 0.3
  • Power supply 100/110/115/220 V AC, 24 V DC
  • Consumption up to 290 W
  • Operating temperature range -10 ... + 50
  • MCC Ver. 1.xx (Master Compass Unit), SCU Ver. 1.xx (Control Unit)
  • Dimensions 340x340x438 mm
  • Weight 23 kg
Certificate RMRS
Simrad GC85
Simrad GC85
Simrad GC85

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