Navigat X MK1

NGSM Navigat X MK1

NGSM Navigat X MK1
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NAVIGAT X MK 1 is designed taking into account the rapidly changing technologies of navigation and control systems of the 21st century. The first of this series, the gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MK 1 is designed as a compact monoblock, having a small weight and placed in a casing made of rigidly foamed polyurethane. This allows you to place gyrocompass on any bridge from cruising yachts to the most spacious ocean vessels. Shipboard cables are connected directly inside the monoblock, which greatly facilitates installation. All electronic components are plug-in modules, which ensures quick and easy maintenance. Digital direction information is obtained as the absolute value of the 12-bit encoding. ModelNAVIGAT X MK 1Mod. 10 has a control unit with an information display installed in the front of the monoblock cover. If required, this control unit can be removed from the monoblock and installed separately (for example, in the integrated bridge) at some distance from the gyrocompass. A unique method of supporting the gyrosphere through simple buoyancy guarantees stabilization of the course during short power failures. For example, after three minutes of power failure, the expected deviations will not exceed two degrees. When power is restored, the gyrocompass will quickly return to the meridian, without requiring a normal period of working. The combined effect of using twin gyroscopes and a fluid suspension system that smooths out vibrations, prevents latitudinal errors.

For work in extremely severe marine conditions, where it is absolutely necessary to provide high-precision information on direction, the NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod is recommended . 7, equipped with a special container for the gyrosphere. This container has a unique centering pin, which holds the relative movement of the gyrosphere installed in the additional Cardan suspension system, which provides the gyrocompass NAVIGAT X MK 1 Mod. 7 almost unlimited freedom at the side and pitching (+90).

Operational data

  • Linear Solution
  • The error of the point is <0.1
  • Static error <0.1
  • Dynamic error <0.4
The operating data comply with the requirements of IMO A. 424 (XI), A. 574 (14), IMO 82k19) and ISO 8728

Freedom of yaw and rolling

  • SR-180 MK1 Mod. 7 +/- 90
  • SR-180 MK1 Mod. 10 +/- 40

  • 24 V DC (18 V to 36 V)
  • 115/230 V AC +/- 10%
  • 50 Hz / 60 Hz
The gyrocompass includes automatic switching to 24 V at a break in the ship's network in accordance with the requirements of the GMDSS for INMARSAT / SES terminals.

Operational data

  • Ambient temperature range
  •               operation -10 to + 55
  •               storage -25 to + 70
  •            (without support fluid)
  • The arrival time in the meridian is less than 3 hours (0.7 )
  • Maximum deviation after power interruption for 3 min. Less than 2
  • Tracking rate is more than 100 per second.
  • Digital information display four-digit
  • Availability of power failure alarm visual and audible
  • MTBF 40,000 hours

Course correction:

   standard, static, manual or automatic

   optional - dynamic, manual or automatic

Built - in equipment test NMEA 0183


output bus - 12 outputs - gyro compass course, magnetic compass course and rotation angle for serial repeaters and universal digital repeaters.

NMEA 0183 - 2 outputs - course on gyrocompass, magnetic compass course, angle of rotation, coordinates, speed.

RS 422 - 3 outputs - course on gyrocompass, course on magnetic compass, angle of rotation, coordinates, speed.

RS 422 FAST - 1 conclusion - course on the gyrocompass, course on the magnetic compass, angle of rotation. RS 422 SUPER FAST 1 output - course on gyrocompass, course on magnetic compass, angle of rotation. RS 422 - 1 output for the path recorder direction, rudder position, time, control mode, speed, coordinates.

6 steps / - 2 output - course.

internal power supply 24 V DC, 18 W. External power supply from 12 V to 70 V DC. Angle of rotation -1 output by choice of 30 , 90 and 300 / min. (+/- 10 V, 10 mA).

Status signaling - 1

Gyro1 / Gyro2 / Magnetic

Alarm output - 1 output on-board alarm, divergence alarm, fault signaling and power failure.


Coordinates 1 input NMEA 0183

Speed ​​1 input NMEA 0183 or

                                               200 pulses per mile

Steering position 1 input analog

Time constant 1 input from external       

rotation speed of the device

Course of magnetic compass 1 input sine and cosine from digital output

Electronic compass 1 input NMEA0183 Control

mode 1 manual input / auto

Complies with the requirements for environmental protection and EMC IEC 945 Marine Navigation Equipment

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