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VZP4 - fuel consumption sensor, designed for use in non-pressure systems. Unlike VZD sensors, VZP does not have a digital display. Its feature is the provision of a pulse output with an electronic board. The data is transferred to the LCD screen remotely or displayed in the dispatch program.
The sensor housing is made of strong materials and is resistant to vibrations and harsh environmental conditions. To prevent premature failure, special filters are installed to protect the device from dirt. The principle of operation is to measure the number of revolutions of the rotor, while rotating under the action of the flow of fuel - the principle of a piston ring counter. VZP4 is easy to install and does not require additional maintenance. Ideal for horizontal, vertical and inclined mounting. The counter has only an external cable (pulse output from the electronic board of the flowmeter).
  • Nominal diameter - 4 mm
  • Mounting thread - М14x1,5
  • Nominal pressure - 25 bar
  • Operating temperature - -40 + 60 ° C
  • The maximum measurement error is ± 1%
Detectors VZP

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