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Fuel consumption monitoring system

Fuel consumption monitoring system.

Accounting for the consumption of fuel, control of ship systems and mechanisms.

Thanks to modern technology and innovations, it became possible to improve the quality of test and measurement equipment. The system consists of a control and measuring equipment and the client platform BoatWatch. With these systems, the fixing parameters and status of ship systems and mechanisms, processing, storage and provision of the necessary information. Control - measuring equipment introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments and has been tested Russian and international certification bodies.
The main objectives of this system are:
  • Provide accurate information on the whereabouts of the courts, their course and speed
  •  Continuous monitoring of compliance with the schedule and route traffic.
  •  If necessary, seal and calculation of distances.
  • Monitoring of the marine fuel consumers.
  •  Remote control of ship systems
  •  Constant and accurate records of fuel consumed.
  •  Control bunker and transported goods
  •  Rapid response during emergency situations
  •  Planning and control of crew
  •  Timely maintenance work and repair of components and assemblies
  •  Management of marine electronic documents automatically
  •  Reset Statistics activity of courts
  •  Videoequipment
Problem solving based on the principle
'Metering parameters - gathering information - reporting'
The effectiveness of this system of control fuel flow is as follows:
  • There is a reduction in fuel costs and operation of transport.
  •  Optimizes fuel consumption rates.
  •  To reduce commercial losses due to errors in the measurement of the amount of fuel.
  •  Reduced cost of maintenance of the ship equipment, due uvelechenie life.
  •  Improving the efficiency of logistics operations and the use of ships.
  •  Reduced downtime.
  •  Increased safety of the crew, cargo and vehicles.
  •  By strengthening labor discipline increases crew productivity.
  •  Reduces the impact of human factors on the effectiveness of the company

Monitored parameters:
  •  Engine Hours
  •  Actual fuel consumption
  •  Density / temperature / volume / weight of the received / issued fuel
  •  Pump capacity
  •  Speed shaft
  •  Coolant temperature
  •  Exhaust gas temperature
  •  Level / pressure of the fuel in the tank
  •  Pressure combustion in the cylinders
  •  Engine oil pressure
  • the concentration of oxygen in the exhaust gases downstream of the engine
  •  Power generator current indirect calculation of fuel consumption, and engine operating time)
  •  Temperature chambers refrigerating machine
  •  Shipboard network modes and mechanisms
Since the main objective of the system is the control of fuel, it should be noted accounting and control fuel bunkering.
 Control solutions is a hardware and software platform BoatWatch mass and mass flow type characterized by high precision, the maximum error (+/- 0.05%).
The efficiency of this system consists in:
  •  The absence of commercial losses due to errors in the measurement of the amount of fuel
  •  Strengthening the discipline and responsibility of the crew
  •  Extending the life of the ship equipment
  •  Reduced downtime of vessels.
  •  Improved fail-safety and environmental safety of bunkering
  •  Obtaining legal justifications for the solution of disputes for bunkering
  • Increase The profitability of bunkering services.

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