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Software and hardware platform Boat Watch

BoatWatch - is the newest web-based information-analytical system with a mass of possibilities
  monitoring and fleet management.
The system tracks and displays the location of vessels in real-time with detailed information
for each object: name, direction, speed, coordinates, the nearest address mode of operation.
BoatWatch allows users of different reporting system, the adjustable on-demand, for example, report on bunkering,
Report on the vessel (Short term / final).
Talking about the control system of fuel consumption, it should be noted that thanks to modern technology and innovations, it became possible to improve the quality of test and measurement equipment. The system consists of a control and measuring equipment and the client platform BoatWatch. With these systems, the fixing parameters and status of ship systems and mechanisms, processing, storage and provision of the necessary information. Control - measuring equipment introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments and has been tested Russian and international certification bodies.

Boat Watch system is equipped with the possibility of

  • mapping detail, and zoom settings.
  • The system provides capabilities such as:
  • Timely notification of important events
  • Display vessel on an electronic map in real time
  • Access to the data collected in the love seat and at any time
  • Providing information about the activities of the vessel
  • The possibility of constructing facilities for the observation of geo-zones
  • Access rights to these categories of users
  • Support meteokart
  • Data transmission system management and accounting
  • Adjusting the functionality of the program to the requirements of users
  • Access to digital technology bibleotek
  • Access to electronic ship documents
  • Displays information about the ship
  • SCADA - Interface
                    information about the vessel for the captain.                                                                                  Information on the vessel for a mechanic.

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