System КТС «СПАС-СМ» is a compact hardware complex fire alarm for sea and river vessels of various types of border boats to sea bulk carriers and tankers. The product is designed to detect fires in the spaces of the vessel and the issuance of an external alarm (sound and light) with the location pozhara.Sistema provides performance monitoring of all elements of the complex.
The principle of operation of the fire alarm КТС «СПАС-СМ» is based on the address information from analog transmission to the instrument detectors pomehozashchishchennyh software that provides high reliability of complex, continuous monitoring of the health of all its elements, including communication lines, as well as determination of the place of fire up to each room in which the detector is installed.
The delivery set SPAS-SM include:
  • device control firemen FCIS;
  • scoreboard alarm mnemonic Tanker vehicle;
  • Combined fire alarm (smoke, heat) IPK1, IPK2;
  • fire alarm heat IPT1, IPT2;
  • interface unit with trains detectors contact SBR;
  • DTK contact temperature sensors;
  • thermal explosion-proof fire alarm SP 114 A3 (C) / B DTC;
  • thermal explosion-proof multi-detector SP-102 2x2 (intrinsically safe) holds for complete;
  • Explosion-proof heat detector to protect IP 103-2/1 holds;
  • manual fire alarm IRP;
  • combined unit test detectors KPPI (weight - 1.5 kg);
  • maintenance documentation.
System Specifications marine fire alarm CCC КТС «СПАС-СМ»:
p / p
Parameter name Value
1 Number of signaling links connected to the FCIS to 5
2 Number of addressable detectors connected to each line 10
3 Electric power system, in:
Variant 1
main power - board network -33 220 22
frequency in Hz 50 ± 1
backup power - battery 24 ± 20%
Option 2
main power - board network 27 ± 20%
backup power - battery 24 ± 20%
In both embodiments, the emergency power supply is used to indicate the 24 power outage
4 System power consumption, W 40
5 The dimensions of the constituent parts (L x H x), mm
- Device FCIS (weight 16 kg) 420x410x190
- Scoreboard CU (mass 4 kg) 280x316x95
- Fire detector combined IPK1, IPK2 (weight 0.3 kg) 160x123x130
- Fire alarm heat IPT1, IPT2 (weight 0.3 kg) 160x123x130
- Explosion proof thermal fire detector SP-102 2x2 (included) for the holds  
- Explosion proof thermal fire detector SP-103-2/1 for the holds (weight 1.65 kg) 140x110x105
- Interface block with contact detectors BSC (macca 0.3 kg) 160x123x64
- Sensor thermal contact DTC (weight 0.1 kg) d56x55
- Explosion-proof heat detector fire SP 114 A3 (C) / DTC B (type of protection 2ExemIIT6) 102h75h80
- Fire alarm manual IPR (weight 0.3 kg) 160x130x64
6 Thresholds detecting different types of detectors:
the smoke,% / m: IPK1 
2 12.5 
20 50
for heat, ° C: IPT1, DTK1 
                       IPT2, DTK2
66 ± 12 
to 90 ± 10


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