SALWICO MCP-A WP - is a specialized detector addressable manual type. Designed to activate the fire system by pressing a special button. The housing is made of resistant to harsh environmental conditions of materials. The front panel of the device is available instructions in a pattern that allows to understand the order to bring the device to 'fire' mode.
Manual Call Point MCP-A WP is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Built-in protection against short circuit, which does not require additional configuration. The key for activation, testing and tuning is supplied. Upon activation, LED lights located on the front of the MCP-A WP. This indicator remains lit as long as the operator does not process your fire alarm system reset to the main panel.
Glass coated with a plastic is configured such that when the emergency activating member is injured. The design of the detector series MCP eliminates unauthorized access to its internal components.
alarm activation occurs by pressing on the glass. In order for the user to be notified about the successful activation of the detector, the device is integrated LED that turns off the confirmation and / or drop an alarm signal on the main panel. Hand fire detectors should be installed on the walls and structures at a height of 1.5 meters from the ground level or at a distance of no more than 50 m apart.
• Power supply - 20 - 38 V DC
• Current consumption - 0.2 mA
• Protection - IP67
• Ambient temperature - -25 to + 70 C.

  • RMRS
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