ACPWP-Exn - Addressable manual call point explosion-proof type. Designed for use in fire protection systems Salwico CS4000, NSAC-1 and CS3000. The detector is made of durable materials that correspond to the protection class IP67, thus allowing to establish ACPWP-Exn in various areas, including in rooms with high humidity. It is advisable to make installation in places where the probability of mechanical damage is low enough. The main address of the call point is set with a dip switch.
Manual call ACPWP-Exn certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
Upon activation, LED lights located on the front of ACPWP-Exn. The key for activation, testing and tuning is supplied. The red LED stays on as long as the operator does not process your fire alarm reset on the main panel. alarm activation occurs by pressing on the glass. Glass coated with a plastic is configured such that when the emergency activating member is injured.
• Power supply - 20 - 38 V DC
• Current consumption - 0.2 mA
• Protection - IP67
• Ambient temperature - -25 to + 70 C.

  • RMRS
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