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JAX 91

JAX 91
  • RMRS
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JAX-91 - is a fax receiver weather maps, designed to work on ships as an additional radio equipment. The device receives signals transmitted in the bands of long, intermediate and short waves (80-160 KHz, 2-25 MHz), and reproduces the graphics printing facsimile weather maps on thermal paper. The receiver complies with Part IV 'Radio Equipment' RS Rules for the Equipment of ships, the requirements of the IMO Resolution A.694 (17).
JAX-91 is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
The receiver provides functions such as:
  • Manual Recording
  • Forced entry
  • Receiving data with programmable timers
  • Writing in halftone mode
  • Print the satellite images
  • Print frequency tables and programs
JAX-91 is equipped with the latest automatic reception function that provides the best reception of the fax image. Moreover, when the reception data stored reception frequencies. Also, the device automatically adjusts the frequency to prevent loss of quality.
  • Frequency range - 80 - 160 kHz, 2 - 24.9999 MHz
  • Receiver Type - Frequency synthesizer with phase-locked. Superheterodyne dual-conversion up
  • Memory - up to 90 different frequencies
  • Sensitivity - 20 dB
  • Effective stripe print - 256 mm
Certificate RMRS
JAX 91
JAX 91

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