Gyrocompass Standard 22 - Fault warnings


Gyrocompass Standard 22 - Fault warnings

The following warnings may occur during operation:Gyrocompass Standard 22 - Fault warnings

  • No. 1 - failure of the fan
  • No. 2 - heater failure
  • №3-retaining liquid> 60 ° С
  • No. 4-low level of retaining liquid
  • №5 - breakage of power supply

Warning # 1 "fan failure" is 51 ° C, and the fan does not turn on automatically. This means that the fan is defective.

To prevent the fan from failing, follow these steps:

  • Check that the fan is not obstructed, make sure that the air is the same without hindrance
  • Open the compass door
  • If necessary, use an external fan to cool the external sphere
  • These activities continue to be carried out until the cessation of warning number 1
  • At the first opportunity, replace the fan

Note: The prolonged exposure to high temperatures adversely affects the life of the gyro compass. The heat for a short period of time is insignificant.

Warning 2 "Heater failure" is generated in the event of heater failure (≥45 ° C).
Do not disable the compass if the temperature is above 45 ° C.
Lowering the temperature below 45 ° C results in an error message. "Error"
The course is no longer displayed (same as on connected repeaters).
To prevent further lowering of the temperature of the maintenance fluid, it is recommended

perform the following actions:

  • Close the compass door, or
  • Supply hot air.

These measures must be carried out until warning 2 stops. The
heater must be repaired as soon as possible.

Warning number 3 "Support fluid> 60 ° C". A warning is generated if the temperature of the working fluid exceeds 60 ° C.

To prevent a further increase in temperature, the following


  • Open the compass door
  • If necessary, cool the outer sphere with an external fan.
  • Measure the ambient temperature. If it is above 60 ° C, take measures to lower it.

These activities must be carried out before the termination of warning number 3.

If warning 3 is displayed along with warning 1, replace the fan as soon as possible.

Warning 4 "Low maintenance fluid level". A warning is generated when the level of the retaining liquid in the outer sphere is too low.

In this case, you need to determine the level of the dipstick installed in the upper part of the outer sphere.

If necessary, pour distilled water (one 240cm3 bottle) into the vent hole until it reaches the required level (according to the measuring cone). The residues should be poured into the filler neck with distilled water.

These measures do not replace the regular replacement of the retaining liquid !!!

If the level of the supporting fluid has fallen suddenly, it is necessary to establish the cause (possibly a leak) and eliminate it.
If the level of the retaining liquid is too low, the current gyrocompass task is interrupted and an error message is displayed.

Warning 5 "Power failure". This warning is generated if the power supply is lost for a short time. The loss period is determined by the drop in the temperature of the retaining liquid. If the temperature drops below 45 ° C, the compass recognizes this as a power failure.

In the event of a power failure (the temperature of the maintenance fluid does not fall below 45 ° C) and the voltage supply is restored, the stabilization process is indicated.

Note: The course display may not be correct. Wait until the end. Check the supply voltage of the gyro compass!

It is important to remember that as soon as there is an opportunity - it is necessary to call a service engineer for defect and troubleshooting the gyrocompass. Replacement of the equipment, replacement of the maintenance fluid, inspection and adjustment of the equipment must be performed by a qualified service technician.

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