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Samyung SEP-406

Samyung SEP-406
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 Float free EPIRB transmitting distress signals to search and rescue services. Meet the requirements of satellite EPIRB Cospas-Sarsat (class 2) and runs on two transmitters:

  1. UHF band at 406.025 MHz - for determining the position and receiving a signal via satellites of the COSPAS-SARSAT system.    2. Band VHF distress frequency 121.5 MHz aeronautical services for the implementation of activities through the search function 'Homing'.    Meets DMT-29/53-16.1 number that are not contained in the Specifications below C / S T.007, IMO Resolutions A. 763 (18), A.662 (17), IEC № 945-94, ITU-RM.663   


  SEP-406 can be installed on board a vessel of any size and has the following advantages:

  • Easy to install and storage (optimal design).
  • Convenient and safe in operation.
  • Easy to use in an emergency (ergonomic design)
  • Protection against misuse of the system by means of switches (water activation switch, magnet switch)
  • Available bubble design is released at a depth of 4 to 12 feet and rises to the surface.
  • The body is made of bright orange plastic ABS high strength.
  • Water permeability up to 1 bar.
  • Hand switch for self-testing.

Standard equipment:


  • Satellite beacon unit with power supply
  • Plastic housing with mechanical fastening
  • SHE-02  The automatic separation
  • User manual in Russian
  • Brief instructions for use (laminated sheet)
  • Individual RMRS certificate
  • Individual Certificate PPP (Optional)


Delivery of the individual components:


  • SHE-02  The automatic separation
  • SEB-04  Power Supply
  • Plastic casing
Technical characteristics
Operating temperature -20 ° C ~ +55 ° C.
Battery Lithium - the shelf life of 4 years
Operation time 48 hours at -20 ° C 
80 hours at +20 ° C.
Time of transmission 440ms ± 1%
Return period 50s ± 5%
Weight 1.5 kg
Frequency 406.025MHz ± 2ppm
Power 5W
The type of radiation G1B
Type of modulation of phase modulation of 1.1 ± 0.1 rad
Signal coding type Bi-phase L-code
Modulation rate 400bps
Antenna omnidirectional whip antenna
Frequency 121.5MHz ± 10PPm
Power 75mW
The type of radiation A3X
Modulation AM, tone frequency max 1600Hz, min 300Hz
Tone frequency range max 700Hz
Tone frequency range min 2.5Hz


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