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Tron 40S

EPIRB Tron-40S is installed on hundreds of ships worldwide. Its reliability is proven. Certified Rissiyskim Maritime Register of Shipping and RMRS Russian River Register PPP also notes with IMO / SOLAS / GMDSS.

  Provides accurate location coordinates disaster and emergency transfer of information, as required by the committee COSPAS-SARSAT.

  ARB has high stability of the emitted signal and the special design of the housing, allowing to keep a stable position of the buoy when working on rough sea surface and emit a steady signal in multipath environment. It is these parameters guarantee high accuracy of the coordinates of the accident.

  Middle Search provided locator beacons operating on the international emergency frequency 121.5 MHz, received as planes flying and COSPAS-SARSAT satellites.

  Supplied Tron-40S includes an automatic separation is triggered at a depth of 2-4 m and liberating for free floating buoy and work without human intervention.

  With the help of built-in control, you can check the radiation, and in this mode, the emitted signal is adopted companion. High-energy lithium power sources provide a duration of 406 MHz transmitter and a beacon of light for at least 48 h.

  Buoy Dimensions: height 38 cm, with a maximum diameter of 18 cm and a weight of 2 kg.

  Holder Dimensions: height 42 cm, width 21 cm, weight 1.6 kg.


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