LED Signal Light type 780

LED Signal Light type 780
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LED Signal Light type 780

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  • Double
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Maneuvering
  • Masthead Light
  • Side Light
  • Signal Light
  • Stern Light

Signal-distinctive lights with LED light source type 780 LED

Lamps are signal distinctive intended for operation on vessels of all types in length more than 50 meters. Universal housing for lanterns of all types with the same overall and mounting dimensions. Single and double lanterns have the same dimensions. The case is made of shockproof, corrosion-resistant, resistant to sea water, ultraviolet radiation, non-magnetic polyamide reinforced with glass fiber, black. The sectoral screen is made of stainless steel (1.4571). The protective glass is PMMA. In lanterns 780 series, the Fresnel lens is not used. The required sector of light propagation in the vertical plane is provided directly by the LED module. The upper part of the case is traditional folding with a screw clamp, it opens without the use of a special tool. Degree of protection: IP56 Light source:

Operating voltage:

  • for a single lamp - 24V, 230V
  • for the twin lamp - 24V / 24V; 230V / 230V; 230V / 24V

Mounting: 4 holes Ø11 mm in the base, for all lanterns.

They can be equipped with antivibration mounts (4 pcs). For hanging lanterns a standard suspension kit must be ordered separately (see table) Connection: 1 or 2 polyamide cable glands M20 (for cable ø6-13mm), connection via individual quick-clamping terminal block.

Approval: BSH, GL, UL 1104, MED, RMRS

The pre-assembled ship's cable. Plugs, sockets and connectors for connection. Special lights not included in the table (signal circular green, signal circular yellow, top red, wake), on request.

Control panel: sensor, type PB-NLCP-SA

ATTENTION! Lamps series 780 LED can be controlled only using a panel equipped with special sensors for measuring low currents, for example, PB-NLCP-SA. 

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