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Switch KSOF

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Switch KSOF  designed to control signal-side lights vessel, as well as oversees the state power circuits and signals lights malfunction.

Key features:
  • Supply voltage (switching on and off) for two-wire cables of navigation lights (up to twelve cables) with an operating voltage of 220/127V lamps and power from 25 to 100W; 
  • Protection on both wires of each cable; 
  • Getting food on the 2nd independent feeders;
  • Light indication on the work lights; 
  • Visual and acoustic alarm for failure of any lamp; 
  • Food acoustic signals from its own built-AB in the event of loss of supply voltages.


Correcting electronic charts 21.12.2021 Correcting electronic charts
After installing the electronic maps, they should be updated. The official ENC may be updated daily if internet access is available, or weekly if corrections can be sent by seller on CD / USB