Boardeq BDP 10 terminal NBDP

Boardeq BDP 10 terminal  NBDP
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Boardeq BDP 10 terminal NBDP

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Boardeq BDP 10 is anarrow-band direct printing designed for telegraphic communication with coastal radio stations and other vessels, is equipped with connected NBDP equipment and includes a 10-inch LCD screen, an integrated telex modem, an external Russian-language keyboard, can process and transmit messages in Cyrillic and Latin. The bright display provides excellent image quality, and the USB 2.0 port located on the front panel of the device allows you to connect a large drive to save and read messages.

The equipment offers the following features:
  • Text communication: allows you to transmit disaster messages in the form of text, which eliminates the possibility of errors related to pronunciation.
  • Autonomy: the built-in battery ensures the operation of the device without connecting to the mains.
  • High-contrast touchscreen display: provides a clear image in any light, has day and night modes, supports USB.
  • GMDSS Distress Button: A built-in button that allows you to quickly send a distress signal to the GMDSS system.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Based on ThraneLINK icons, which makes it easier to navigate and use the device.
  • Ethernet connection: The device can be connected to the network via a connector (RJ45),RS485.
  • Possibility to use as the main device: the product can be used as the main device.

Automatic Identification System 16.12.2021 Automatic Identification System
AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a transponder system created originally to improve information for safer -avigation and so decreasing the risk of collisions.