Indicator Deif WSDI-2

Indicator Deif WSDI-2
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Indicator Deif WSDI-2

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WSDI-2 is a display (indicator) developed by Deif, designed to display information from a WSS wind sensor. The WSDI-2 indicator is equipped with a digital display that displays the speed and direction of the wind. On the screen there are signs depicting the outline of the deck of the vessel and the division of the scale. WSDI-2 has three buttons to increase or decrease the brightness of the backlight, and to change the units of measurement of wind strength: nodes or meters per second.

The WSDI-2 has a rugged shock-proof casing and a waterproof rating of IP66. WSDI-2 connects to any sensor with interfaces RS422 / 485 via the NMEA 0183 protocol. The DEIF wind sensor can be directly connected to the WSDI-2.


  • The digital display is a microprocessor device with a measurement range of 0-360 ° in direction and 0-99.9 knots in speed;
  • the division price is 1 °.
  • The accuracy of the indication in the direction of ± 3%, depending on the rate of change in wind direction
  • Accuracy of readings for speed ± 3% depending on wind speed
  • Serial data connector according to RS485 standard NMEA-0183
  • Supply voltage 12 or 24 V DC
  • Power consumption 6 W
  • Weight 0.55 kg
  • The size of the front side of the display: 172 x 172 mm

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