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  • In order to place an order for the necessary equipment, please contact the manager by mail  sales@cirspb.ru  or the service department  service@cirspb.ru
  • For questions, please call: St. Petersusedrg Phone: +7 (812) 4-673-673, and in Petrozavodsk +7 (8142) 57-80-30 and +7 (8142) 57-00-03.
Consumables, spare parts and boards from ship radio navigation equipment are always available in our warehouse.
Check the status and availability with the managers.
  340 Display, 25.5 LCD Radar no 1 S BAND used  PCS  1
  Used AC-2000 JMC adapter  PCS  1
  Adapter Avocent Equinox SST-16P UNIV (Universal) 910362 / A used  PCS  1
  Address block CONSILIUM NS-AIN1 used  PCS  1
  Azimuth board for Sperry 65801805-6 radar used  PCS  1
  AIS TRANSAS M-2 used  PCS  1
  AIS TRANSAS T-103 Transponder used  PCS  1
  AIS TRANSAS T101 transponder used  PCS  1
  AIS TRANSAS T101 VDU used  PCS  4
  AIS TRANSAS transponder T-600 used  PCS  1
  Analog digital converter ADPC-101 (used)  PCS  1
  Analog digital converter IGL-01 used  PCS  3
  RAYMARINE animometer (used)  PCS  1
  Antenna AFM GLONASS / GPS used  PCS  2
  Antenna for inmarsat FURUNO IC 112 (used)  PCS  2
  Antenna for inmarsat FURUNO IC 115 used  PCS  2
  Antenna for inmarsat THRANE & THRANE MINI-C (used)  PCS  3
  Antenna Inmarsat JRC NAF-742LT used  PCS  1
  Antenna AC Marine BB1 ​​used  PCS  1
  Antenna GLONASS-50 used  PCS  3
  Antenna GLONASS / GPS AGG-160 used  PCS  2
  Antenna GPS Sailor Cobham used  PCS  1
  GPS antenna SAILOR TT 403026M used  PCS  1
  Antenna Inmarsat Debeg 40-3005A / B for 3220B terminal used  PCS  1
  Antenna Inmarsat Sailor 403005M (used)  PCS  6
  Antenna Koden COUPLER BA-02 (used)  PCS  1
  Antenna NAVTEX Furuno NX-7H used  PCS  2
  Antenna Perfomans Monitor Vision Master S Band used  PCS  1
  Antenna SAMYUNG SAN-300 used  PCS  3
  Antenna SAMYUNG SAN-60 used  PCS  1
  Antenna SAMYUNG SANG-5 used  PCS  1
  Antenna TT 3005 used  PCS  1
  Antenna cable ANT-CBL-MJ-B24LPF0005-150 Furuno used  PCS  2
  Reinforced gyrosphere cap used  PCS  2
  Cupler AT-1560 Furuno used  PCS  3
  Cupler AT-1560-15 Furuno used  PCS  2
  Cupler AT-1560-25 Furuno used  PCS  2
  Barograph M-22AN used  PCS  2
  Binoculars Berkut-7 BP2 7x35 used  PCS  2
  Binoculars Veber Classic BPC 10x50 used  PCS  1
  Block "Rowan" B27 / 8 used  PCS  1
  Alarm unit Furuno IC-306 used  PCS  1
  Autopilot unit for PECHORA radar (used)  PCS  3
  Block BAF "KAMA-R" used  PCS  1
  Display unit AIS Furuno FA-1502 (used)  PCS  1
  Block for memory card BRIDGE MASTER E S-BAND (used)  PCS  1
  Sailor H1223 receiver protection unit used  PCS  1
  Hands-free line commutation unit AB-P Used Ryabina  PCS  2
  Switching unit KVU "Rowan" used  PCS  1
  Power supply unit "GRANIT R 24 used.  PCS  4
  Power supply unit V1B (used)  PCS  1
  B1V power supply used  PCS  2
  Power supply unit V1N Rowan used  PCS  1
  Power supply unit for VDR Consilium (M2 M3) ACE-716C used  PCS  1
  IN-3 power supply unit for Pechera radar used.  PCS  1
  Power supply unit SVE 24 used  PCS  1
  Power supply unit for "NEL" sonar YP2.087.075 used  PCS  2
  Power supply unit of the echo sounder "NEL" YP3.215.044 used  PCS  1
  Astron RS-20A-BB-220E power supply unit (used)  PCS  1
  BRIDGE MASTER II 65600823 power supply unit  PCS  3
  DRT-960-24 power supply unit (used)  PCS  1
  Power supply unit EC-1000C PS 2001241590 used  PCS  1
  Used FSP235-60GT power supply unit  PCS  1
  Power supply unit GSS 3000 (used)  PCS  2
  Kelvin Hughes 5000 PSU (used)  PCS  1
  NW4200 Power Supply from NetWave Black Box (used)  PCS  1
  PSU-103-20 power supply unit (used)  PCS  2
  PSU-103-5 power supply unit (used)  PCS  2
  Power supply RD-3513 input: 100-240VAC 0.8A used  PCS  1
  Used S-100-24 power supply unit  PCS  1
  Used power supply S-40-12  PCS  2
  S-BAND Kelvin Hughes CAE-A202 power supply unit used  PCS  1
  Used SAILOR 6081 power supply unit  PCS  1
  Used SAILOR CH 4656 power supply unit  PCS  1
  Used SAILOR PS 4655 power supply unit  PCS  2
  SAMYUNG SP 5AD power supply unit (used)  PCS  1
  Samyung SP-580AD power supply unit (used)  PCS  3
  Used SAMYUNG SP-700 power supply unit  PCS  4
  SP-150-24 power supply unit (used),  PCS  1
  THRANE & THRANE TT-3680B power supply (used) s / n  PCS  3
  Used TT-6080A power supply unit Sailor  PCS  3
  Power supply unit UPS-114 (used)  PCS  1
  Preamplifier block BKSS-1 used  PCS  1
  Received call block Furuno IC-303 used  PCS  1
  Radar unit NGSM Visionmaster 65900AA-7 STAND COMPASS  PCS  1
  Radar unit NGSM Visionmaster 65900AA-8A used  PCS  1
  Radio station GRANIT R-24 used  PCS  1
  Communication unit KVU Ryabin used  PCS  4
  Block SKDVP BW-800 (used)  PCS  1
  Radar control unit NGSM Visionmaster 65900667  PCS  1
  Radar control unit NGSM Visionmaster 65900667-4A  PCS  1
  Control unit RPB POD used spare parts  PCS  2
  Power amplifier unit MF / KV SAILOR 107 803 10 used  PCS  3
  Power amplifier unit MF / KV SAILOR 107 803 10 used  PCS  1
  Anschutz Distrib Box 110-224 used  PCS  1
  used-25 amplifier block used  PCS  2
  Cooling fan 2008534870 03-2082 (FAN-RP2) used  PCS  2
  Video grabber for black box Consilium VUB2 707123B used  PCS  1
  Matrox Millenium II 4 MB RAM MGA2164W MIL2A / 4BI / 20 AGP video card used  PCS  1
  Internal storage drive for Samsung VDR (used)  PCS  1
  Calling device "REVUN" used  PCS  1
  High-frequency head for radar used  PCS  1
  Gyroadapter DC Synchro for selsin BS-1404 used  PCS  1
  Gyroadapter DC Synchro for selsyn SS-150 used  PCS  2
  Second-hand gyrocompass Meridian  PCS  1
  Gyrocompass STD 22 used  PCS  1
  Gyrosphere Yokogawa used  PCS  1
  Gyrosphere AMUR used  PCS  1
  Gyrosphere NAVIGAT used  PCS  1
  Gyrosphere STD 22 used  PCS  1
  GK Alpha mini course (used)  PCS  1
  Loudspeaker GR-1 used  PCS  2
  Loudspeaker ЭМ-12 used  PCS  1
  Transducer for echosounder SKIPPER TGM60-50-25L used  PCS  3
  Fire safety sensor CONSILIUM SALWICO EV-H used  PCS  2
  Fire safety sensor CONSILIUM SALWICO EV-P used  PCS  4
  Sensors from Laga Consilium SAL R1 part No. 705050 used  PCS  1
  Engine for ATLAS radar (used)  PCS  2
  DC motor D8G-516, 30W, 24V. used  PCS  1
  Tracking system holder AMUR used  PCS  this
  Speaker SBE-1SP used  PCS  1
  Speaker T-Koko CH-701N used  PCS  1
  Diode limiter RU-9099 Furuno used  PCS  1
  Second-hand display for induction LAGA "LI 2"  PCS  1
  Display for VDR Danelec type 1302379 used  PCS  1
  Alarm display VDR HMT-105 used  PCS  1
  Second-hand SES-2000 echo sounder display  PCS  1
  Furuno SC-502 display (used)  PCS  1
  Used SAMSUNG display  PCS  1
  Display VDR CONSILIUM Charger M used  PCS  1
  VDR CONSILIUM F1 / F2 display used  PCS  2
  Battery charger KENWOOD TK-1100C used  PCS  1
  Engine protective coating 03-001-3236-1 2300132360 used  PCS  1
  Spare parts for BM E engine used  PCS  1
  Spare parts for magnetic compass KM 145 used  PCS  1
  Toothed belt Power Grip 5MR 500 used  PCS  3
  Depth indicator skipper IR-300 NMEA used  PCS  2
  Depth indicator skipper IR-301 NMEA used  PCS  3
  Speed ​​indicator skipper IR-300 used  PCS  1
  Indicator KLPQ 144, (D3v144S) used  PCS  1
  INMARSAT C-TRANSCEIVER H2095B Sailor used not  PCS  1
  Inmarsat SAILOR 6110 ALARM PANEL (used)  PCS  1
  Cable NMEA2K Mini Device Cable used  PCS  1
  DANELEC VDR DM 300-DM 500 black box capsule used  PCS  1
  Used FURUNO black box capsule  PCS  1
  Used capsule for HEADWAY HMT S100 black box  PCS  1
  Black box capsule SVR03-004-20 used  PCS  4
  Used capsule for VR 5020 black box  PCS  1
  Highlander HLD-FFC600 black box capsule (used)  PCS  1
  VDR NetWave HSS NW-4800 black box capsule (used)  PCS  1
  CONSILIUM L1 black box capsule (India) used  PCS  1
  Card for magnetic compass km145 used  PCS  3
  KVU OKA speakerphone and broadcasting equipment AGST-01/12 (used)  PCS  1
  KVU RYABINA Loudspeaker GR-16A used  PCS  nine
  KVU RYABINA POST UB 5P second-hand  PCS  1
  Keypad for NCE 5171 used  PCS  1
  ES6 keyboard used  PCS  1
  Terminal block for VDR "HEADWAY" used  PCS  4
  Terminal block for VDR CONSILIUM used  PCS  1
  Emergency call usedtton SKDVP 02S "VALKOM" (used)  PCS  3
  Remote usedtton SKDVP "NAVGARD" (used)  PCS  1
  Used IC-307 FURUNO usedtton  PCS  4
  Collector rings GK Amur-M (without gear) used  PCS  1
  Collector rings GK Amur-M (with gear) used  PCS  3
  Ring for AMUR gyrocompass used  PCS  17
  Compass KM 100 used  PCS  2
  Compass KM used  PCS  1
  Set of belts for the ATLAS radar used  PCS  2
  GLONASS Kit Sailor 61XX (without board) used  PCS  4
  Junction box THRANE & THRANE 406194A-00510 used  PCS  1
  Used AMU-6 24 / 12V 6A power converter  PCS  1
  Thrane & Thrane TT-3680M Power Converter (used)  PCS  7
  Power converter POWER BOX PCA 5491RM used  PCS  1
  Converter Baboon 4RS used  PCS  1
  POWER NETWAVE NW6022 converter (used)  PCS  1
  Container for GK NAVIGAT MK-2 type 4991-2000 used  PCS  2
  Container for NAVIGAT MK-2 type 4991-4000 Mod 10/3 used  PCS  1
  Container for GK NAVIGAT MK-2 type 4991-4080-00 used  PCS  1
  Container for GC Yokogawa CMZ700 (with needle) used  PCS  1
  Container type 4590 used  PCS  five
  Controller 2C SSOO Signal-SSO (GMDSS) used  PCS  3
  Control measuring device for radio stations KIP RS2 used.  PCS  1
  Box for the used Gamma-100 receiver-indicator  PCS  1
  Mount for antennas N110F x 2pcs = N310F used  PCS  1
  Sperry Jupiter 4894-AD magnetic compass mount used  PCS  2
  Magnetron mount 65801156 k0-1 (used)  PCS  1
  Magnetron mount 65801156 k0-2 used  PCS  1
  Cover for usedoy SAILOR SE 406 II used  PCS  6
  Cooler MMS-06C24DC used  PCS  2
  Cursor AMUR used  PCS  3
  Flashing lamp LP-220 used  PCS  6
  Flashing lamp EHS-24 used  PCS  2
  JRC NJS6930 Limiter (used)  PCS  2
  Line filter Arcotronics f.ak.db.3300.zd used  PCS  1
  Used JRC M1302L / M5020 magnetron  PCS  1
  Used JRC MAF1422B magnetron  PCS  2
  Used JRC MSF 1425B magnetron  PCS  6
  Magnetron MAF 1565N (used)  PCS  1
  Magnetron MG-5436 used  PCS  1
  Magnetron MG5241 / MG4010 used  PCS  1
  Used magnetic compass  PCS  3
  Used magnetic amplifier "AMUR"  PCS  five
  Matrix MT170EN01 used  PCS  1
  Matrix SAMSUNG LTM170EU-L31 used  PCS  1
  Black box microphone 1602000A0 / HLD16.2 used  PCS  4
  Black box microphone CONSILIUM AM1 used  PCS  nine
  Microphone for black box CONSILIUM SD4 usedzzer used  PCS  1
  Black box microphone Highlander, HLD-MIC610 used  PCS  4
  Microphone for S_VDR NVT 161 "JRC 1850" used  PCS  4
  Microphone for S-VDR HMT-S100 "HEADWAY" HMT-103, HTM-104 (used)  PCS  five
  Microphone for VDR "CONSILIUM AM 2" (internal) used  PCS  1
  Microphone for VDR "CONSILIUM AM1" (internal) used  PCS  2
  Microphone for VDR Samsung MNT-10B used  PCS  7
  Microphone for VDR VR-5011 "FURUNO" VR-3000 used  PCS  4
  Microphone ROP-5/30 used  PCS  1
  Microphone RUT-01018-AA used  PCS  1
  Microphone SPERRY MARINE BMU-001 used  PCS  1
  Microphone VDR NETWAVE NW6021 (used)  PCS  2
  Millivoltmeter V3-83 used  PCS  1
  Multiplier G3-111 used  PCS  1
  Used CTX A401 modulator  PCS  1
  Monitor for radar NGSM Hatteland JH 23T02 used  PCS  1
  Used Hatteland HD 24T21 monitor  PCS  1
  Monitor NWZ-147 for JRC radar (used)  PCS  2
  Used WS6164D 50-360B motor  PCS  1
  Used SAURA correcting magnets set  PCS  1
  Used converter panel MTNC-101  PCS  1
  Notification panel Furuno IC-302 used  PCS  1
  Alarm panel SKDVP 04L "VALKOM" (used)  PCS  five
  Control panel for radio station Granite V used  PCS  3
  Control panel from lag CONSILIUM SD4-3 used  PCS  1
  Control panel of the GRANIT 02 radio station (used)  PCS  1
  Control panel Rowan used  PCS  2
  VHF control panel SAILOR RT 2048 used  PCS  1
  Control panel SAILOR RT 4822 VHF-DSC used  PCS  1
  Used Zenitel VSS-111 panel  PCS  2
  Direction finder 504 (used)  PCS  1
  Direction finder 527 (used)  PCS  1
  Optical direction finder PGK-2 used  PCS  1
  Front panel from the used DAC-109 converter  PCS  2
  Switch KONCAR Tip4G 16-69-PK used  PCS  1
  Used printer printhead  PCS  1
  Used Samsung 6SLI GA92 PCS board  PCS  1
  Weather station ULTRASONIC WIND SENSOR WS425 used  PCS  1
  Voltage converter IS1-24-4000 used  PCS  1
  JRC NBD 843A power converter used  PCS  1
  Power converter SAILOR N 420 24V (used)  PCS  2
  Receiver Glonass / GPS VEGA VG-16 used  PCS  1
  Radar receiver BM 2 65611616-5 (used)  PCS  1
  Radar receiver Bridgemaster 65601 146 used  PCS  1
  Radar receiver Furuno RU-9458 used  PCS  1
  JRC NJT 1946А receiver used  PCS  3
  Receiver NAVTEX NAV 5 (used)  PCS  2
  Receiver NAVTEX NT 900 (used)  PCS  3
  Receiver Navtex SI-30A used  PCS  1
  Receiver NAVTEX SNX-300 used  PCS  1
  Receiver indicator Gamma-100 used  PCS  1
  SAILOR HT 4610 PV / HF transceiver (used) (without interest fee)  PCS  1
  Furuno RTR-059 radar transceiver used  PCS  1
  Furuno RTR-079 radar transceiver used  PCS  1
  VHF transceiver SIMRAD RS 8400 (used)  PCS  2
  FURUNO FE 700 transceiver (used)  PCS  2
  FURUNO FS 1562 15 transceiver (used)  PCS  2
  FURUNO FS 1562 25 transceiver (used)  PCS  2
  Used DPU-414 printer  PCS  4
  FURUNO PP 510 printer (used)  PCS  1
  MICROLINE 280 printer  PCS  1
  Used SAILOR H1252B printer  PCS  2
  Control panel granite R-24 used  PCS  2
  Control panel PU-3R used  PCS  1
  Radar indicator RIB 6 used  PCS  1
  Used radar FR-2115  PCS  1
  JRC JMA 3625 radar (NSK INIT NCT 27 gyro interface) used  PCS  1
  Used Racal Decca BridgeMaster 250 radar  PCS  1
  Second-hand radar transponder type SAR-9  PCS  2
  Radar transponder SAILOR Satelitte EPIRB 406 MHz used  PCS  1
  Radio station 6301 CONTROL UNIT used  PCS  1
  RYABINA radio station KN-1R commutator used  PCS  1
  VHF radio station FURUNO FM 8500 used  PCS  1
  VHF radio station Sailor 5022 without front panel (used)  PCS  2
  VHF radio station SAILOR RM 2042 (used)  PCS  2
  VHF radio station SAILOR RT 2048 (used)  PCS  five
  VHF radio station SAILOR RT 5022 (used)  PCS  five
  VHF TT 6222A radio station used  PCS  3
  Radio COBRA MARINE DSC MR F55EU + (used)  PCS  1
  FURUNO MF \ HF DSC TERMINAL DSC 6 radio station used  PCS  1
  FURUNO MF \ HF DSC TERMINAL DSC 6A radio station used  PCS  2
  Radio station FURUNO MF \ HF DSC TERMINAL DSC-60 used  PCS  1
  Used SAILOR COMPACT HF RE 2100 radio  PCS  1
  Sailor HC 4500 radio station (used)  PCS  1
  Sailor HC 4500B radio station used  PCS  1
  Radio station SAIT DSC XH 5140 (used)  PCS  3
  SSB radio station HUSUN 2100 used  PCS  2
  Vertex VX-454-F5-5 radio station used  PCS  3
  VHF ROSS DSC 500 radio station (used)  PCS  3
  Microphone connector used  PCS  3
  FURUNO 21 'display frame used  PCS  1
  Junction box No Name used  PCS  1
  Junction box SKANTI VIB 1001 (used)  PCS  1
  Junction box UNICONT APS-120 used  PCS  1
  Regulator RG-2A used  PCS  five
  Belt for radar BRT 715-99 used  PCS  1
  Belt for radar CONTINENTAL 500-5 used  PCS  1
  Used belt for POWER GRIP 300-9 radar  PCS  five
  Radar belt POWER GRIP 501 15 used  PCS  1
  POWER GRIP 501-3 radar belt used  PCS  6
  POWER GRIP 510-12 radar belt used  PCS  ten
  Used belt for POWER GRIP 510-3 radar  PCS  1
  POWER GRIP 630-35 radar belt used  PCS  fourteen
  POWER GRIP 800-5 radar belt used  PCS  3
  Belt for echo sounder NEL R-20 D-4500 used  PCS  1
  Belt POWER GRIP 170XL037 used  PCS  1
  Repeater for GK Amur TsYa x 19N-2 x 901190 (used)  PCS  1
  Repeater of magnetic compass Saura NRC-150 used  PCS  1
  Repeater R-02 (b.u)  PCS  2
  Repeater of the MARINE TECHNICS MTIR261 echo sounder used  PCS  3
  Repeater Anschutz 133-555 BSH / 46 / 33G / 94 used  PCS  1
  Repeater DR-109 used  PCS  1
  Selsin 5BVT LSh3.010 used  PCS  sixteen
  Selsin AD used  PCS  1
  Selsin AD32VM used  PCS  1
  Selsin ADP-1121 used  PCS  eleven
  Selsin ADP-123B used  PCS  1
  Selsin ADP-1262 used  PCS  1
  Selsin BS-151A used  PCS  1
  Selsin BS-404NAKL used  PCS  3
  Selsin DBS-500M used  PCS  2
  Selsin engine 5VT-I used  PCS  7
  Selsin DI-150  PCS  ten
  Selsin DID-2TV used  PCS  1
  Selsin DN-500 used  PCS  2
  Selsin SL-360 used  PCS  1
  Selsin SS-150 used  PCS  4
  Selsin V23401-B1004-A001 SIEMENS used  PCS  4
  Selsin VEB used  PCS  1
  Touch display SP14Q006 - used ZZA  PCS  1
  Breathing apparatus control system "SKAD-1" used  PCS  1
  Cooling system from Amur 3M used  PCS  1
  Used Nucleus 2 5000 NNR Motherboard - A468  PCS  2
  Used Atlas radar connector  PCS  1
  Gyrocompass STANDART 22 junction box (used)  PCS  1
  Junction box for INMARSAT FURUNO IC-315 (used)  PCS  3
  Junction box for SSAS Thrane & Thrane used  PCS  2
  Junction box for used VDR CONSILIUM  PCS  1
  Junction box from VDR JRC mod. NQE-3163 used  PCS  2
  Junction box FURUNO DB 120 (used)  PCS  1
  junction box HLD-CJB600 (used)  PCS  1
  Used JSL junction box  PCS  1
  Junction box Koden JB-35 used  PCS  2
  Junction box S VDR INTERFACE "HEADWAY" (used)  PCS  3
  Junction box Sperry Marine 4932AB (switchover unit) used  PCS  1
  Junction box SPERRY MARINE TYPE 4894-AD used  PCS  2
  Junction box THRANE & THRANE TT37 A / C (used)  PCS  1
  Used Yokogawa junction box  PCS  1
  Used Furuno IC-216 connecting block  PCS  2
  Static converter SPG120 / 500 (used)  PCS  4
  Glasses with a level for AMUR group of companies used  PCS  21
  Table for "AMUR M" gyrocompass with holder (used)  PCS  3
  Marine display MV-1501 15 "Marine Monitor used.  PCS  1
  Data combiner NMEA Module RUT-01029-AA (used)  PCS  1
  Tangenta Granite 2P-24 used  PCS  1
  SKANTI MF / HF TRP 1000 phone (used)  PCS  1
  Telephone set for Iridium Pilot and Iridium OpenPort (used)  PCS  five
  Data terminal DT-310 Unicont used  PCS  1
  Furuno IC-215 data transmission terminal (used)  PCS  1
  DEBEG 3220B message terminal (used)  PCS  2
  DEBEG 3220P message terminal (used)  PCS  1
  DEBEG 3220PE message terminal (used)  PCS  3
  Terminal of messages KELVIN HUGHES H2098B (used)  PCS  1
  Terminal of messages SAILOR H2098 (used)  PCS  1
  Terminal of messages SAILOR H2098B (used)  PCS  1
  Thrane & Thrane TT3606E message terminal (used)  PCS  1
  Terminal NBDP Furuno DP-6 (used)  PCS  1
  Sailor HT4610 MF / HF transceiver (used)  PCS  1
  Course translator GA-04 (50) used  PCS  4
  Transformer for gyrocompass C Plath 4902-1200-00 / AB used  PCS  1
  Transformer KAMA UT1N205415 used  PCS  1
  Transformer Furuno RT-9023A 7B used s / n 177  PCS  1
  Trackball for radar BRIDGE MASTER E S-BAND (used)  PCS  1
  Trackball for Nukleus used  PCS  1
  Tube FURUNO used  PCS  2
  FURUNO HS 2001 HANDSET handset used  PCS  1
  Handset FURUNO HS 2003 HANDSET used  PCS  3
  used Handset HS-2003 handset  PCS  1
  Sailor 6000 pipe used series  PCS  8
  Used SAILOR tube  PCS  nine
  Used three-pin toggle switch  PCS  sixteen
  VHF radio station Icom IC-M504 used  PCS  1
  VHF Debeg 6322 VHF used  PCS  1
  VHF SAILOR RT 2047 D used  PCS  1
  VHF SAILOR RT 2048 used  PCS  1
  Amplifier for Gyrocompass "VEGA" used  PCS  1
  Amplifier for gyrocompass AMUR used  PCS  fourteen
  Used SCP-NT fluxgate probe  PCS  1
  Used marine chronometer  PCS  2
  Sperry B3JC1646 radar circulator used  PCS  1
  Circulator FCX68 (used)  PCS  2
  JRC NJC3901B circulator (used)  PCS  4
  DAC-109 digital-to-analogue heading converter used  PCS  1
  Used ship clock  PCS  1
  Bowl for AMUR-M gyrocompass (upper) used  PCS  1
  Sensitive element for GK Amur used  PCS  1
  Sensitive element for gK std22 used  PCS  4
  Magnetic dinghy compass KM 100 (used)  PCS  2
  Electric motor А6.760.042 used  PCS  1
  Encoder C-PLACH No. 4914-1500-00 used  PCS  2
  Echo sounder SKIPPER GDS 101 (not all internals) used  PCS  1
  AIS Pilot plug USB Cable 3m used  PCS  1
  Alarm Unit IC-306, used  PCS  1
  Antenna unit IC-118 used  PCS  1
  Audio Mixer for black box CONSILIUM p / n 5490300 used  PCS  1
  Battery , Quint - BAT/24DC/3,4AH used  PCS  1
  Stationary station of satellite communication system Iridium 9701 used  PCS  2
  Consilium S-VDR S1 Main Unit Part n.5490101 б/у  PCS  1
  Consilium SAL R1a Speed Log used  PCS  1
  Danelec keyboard RKCT92S1747-N-MC1 used  PCS  2
  Data Control Unit (DCU) Transas Marine Limnted used  PCS  2
  DATA TERMINAL ink SKANTI PCU 9000 (used)  PCS  1
  Depth indicator SD-3000  PCS  1
  DGPS navigator Leica MX400 used  PCS  3
  Display and info system FMD 3100 PCU 3000 used  PCS  1
  DISPLAY NUC3 Kelvin Hughes NNR-A03-BBAB used  PCS  1
  DISPLAY UNIT BM II 65614, s/n FB60493/4 б/у  PCS  1
  Display unit FURUNO NX-700A used  PCS  1
  Distress Alert IC-305 used  PCS  1
  Distriusedtion box DS 740 used  PCS  1
  DM-2003 microphone with cable used  PCS  1
  DTB-1 used  PCS  1
  E70150 i60 Wind Pack Raymarine wind system used  PCS  1
  Felcom 18 terminal unit IC-218 used  PCS  1
  FURUNO Tube FURUNO 2570 (HANDSET) used  PCS  1
  Furuno FM 8800S used  PCS  2
  FURUNO GPS Navigator GP-31 (used)  PCS  1
  Furuno Navtex Receiver NX-500 б/у  PCS  1
  GPS antenna GPA-017S used  PCS  2
  GPS receiver 20 SL s / n 62902276 used  PCS  1
  GPS receiver 25LVS used  PCS  4
  Used FURUNO GP-150 GPS navigator  PCS  2
  Hatteland Display HD19T21 TRS-MAE-FAGA used  PCS  2
  HERCULES-10 power supply unit (~ 220V / = 24V, 10A) used  PCS  1
  Husun 2140 Control Unit Kelvin Hughes used  PCS  1
  JMA-5312-6BB X-band 10kW radar used  PCS  1
  JRC Log Signal Processor NJC-25 used  PCS  1
  JRC NDZ-127C Data Terminal used  PCS  1
  KODEN MDC 2910P (India 2) used  PCS  1
  LRIT JUE-95LT used  PCS  1
  Mail Display unit DS-700 used  PCS  1
  MESSAG TERMINAL H2098 (used)  PCS  1
  MESSAG TERMINAL H2098B Sperry Marine inc (used)  PCS  1
  Message terminal SAILOR TT-3606E used  PCS  4
  Message terminal THRANE&THRANE TT-3606A used  PCS  five
  MT-1 VDU Transas McMurdo used  PCS  1
  NAVIGAT X MK1 used  PCS  1
  NAVIGAT X MK2 used  PCS  1
  NMEA converter 0183 MiniPlex-2USB used  PCS  1
  N. Isolator Council N1770 used  PCS  1
  Operation Unit Type MRO-105 used  PCS  1
  Operator Unit Course/Rudder Raytheon Anschutz used  PCS  1
  Performance Monitor B3RX1633 б.у  PCS  1
  Performance monitor Furuno FAR-2XX7 0602041 used  PCS  1
  Radar processor VMPT 65900812-3A SC3 CARD PCB used  PCS  1
  Remote Display RD-300 used  PCS  1
  Sailor 6004 Control Panel used  PCS  1
  Sailor 6090 Power Converter 406090A-00500 used  PCS  2
  Sailor 6208 control box junction box including 5m cable  PCS  3
  Sailor 6222 (complete set) used  PCS  1
  SAILOR battery charger N1674A used  PCS  1
  SAILOR compact HF SSB DSC watchreceiver RM2150 used  PCS  1
  SAILOR compact HF SSB T2130 (used)  PCS  2
  Sailor Coupler used  PCS  1
  SAILOR COUPLER HA 4615 (used)  PCS  1
  Sailor coupler HF SSB AT2110 used  PCS  2
  SAILOR COUPLER TT 6381A used  PCS  2
  Sailor DC Monitor H1253C б/у  PCS  1
  Sailor Navtex Receiver TT-6390A used  PCS  1
  SAILOR RT 4822 VHF-DSC used  PCS  1
  SAMYUNG SI 30AM used  PCS  1
  Samyung snx-200 navtex used  PCS  1
  Samyung SRG-3150DN used  PCS  1
  SAT-100 used  PCS  1
  SKANTI COUPLER TRP 7200 (used)  PCS  1
  SN-100 NBDP Terminal used  PCS  1
  SPERRY MARINE Compact HF SSB R2120 used  PCS  1
  Sperry marine Preamplifier 073512 used  PCS  1
  Sperry Marine TYPE 4894-AD 074859-0000-000 Terminal Box used  PCS  1
  SSB Radiotelephone FS-1575T Transceiver unit used  PCS  1
  SVDR-PRO used  PCS  1
  SVDR-PRO SRPS 3000A used  PCS  1
  SVDR-PRO SSIU 2000 used  PCS  2
  Terminal Unit IB-581 used  PCS  3
  Trackball control unit RCU-030 used  PCS  1
  Transceiver Sailor 403020C б/у  PCS  1
  Unicont CH-105 (AZU-105) used  PCS  2
  VDR "CONSILIUM AM 2" Microphone (internal) used  PCS  1
  VHF Controller NCM-1770 used  PCS  1
  Used Video Grabber for CONSILIUM black box  PCS  2
  Vision Master used radar motherboard  PCS  1
  Vision Master Processor Unit 65901AT-14A used  PCS  1
  X-Band Frontend GoldStar 700-012 used  PCS  1
  X-Band Frontend JRC NJT1946 (used)  PCS  1
  Zenitel Marine HE-112M used  PCS  1
  Zenitel VSP-211L used  PCS  1

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