Zenitel VSP-212M-L

Zenitel VSP-212M-L
Zenitel VSP-212M-L
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Zenitel VSP-212M-L

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Zenitel VSP-212M-L - battery-free telephone station 20 channel VSP-M system for installation in noisy rooms, engine room. On the front panel of the station are located: the alarm stop button, the LED indicator of the call (in addition to the ringtone), the group switch.

The device can be flush mounted using a mounting box or on a wall in the wheelhouse using the MBOX mounting box.

  • built-in switch for 20 directions
  • special microphone with noise canceling function
  • built-in call signaling lamp
  • wall mounting with MBOX mounting box
  • built-in relay for EHS-24 and VSP-36-PEL


  • Fasteners: Screw terminals
  • Black color
  • Degree of protection IP44
  • Dimensions 238 x 130 x 77 mm
  • Panel cut-out 205 x 105 mm
  • Weight 1.30 kg

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