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Doppler lag NAVIKNOT 450 D (gate valve) for single-axis water velocity, containing:

 073506-0000-000 5001 Master-indicator for console mounting, front 19296 mm, with color TFT-display, indicating: Speed, traveled a day, all the distance traveled, Error messages.
 073506-0000-000 5001 Master-indicator, as above, +
 039086-0000-000 Console frame, 223x127 mm (2x1)
 073507-0000-000 5001-AA The main indicator, as indicated above, is in the case with the bracket
 073522-0000-000 5003-AA Unit for connection to 24 V DC
 073512-0000-000 2863-AA Preamplifier D for connection to 24 V DC

Doppler speed sensor D (gate valve) for measuring speed relative to water, for steel or aluminum vessels with one bottom, speed range from -5 to +30 knots *, containing

 073500-0000-000 4983 Gate valve (for ships with one bottom)
 074893-0000-000 5020-AA Converter with 18 m cable and mounting kit
 073500-0000-000 4983 Gate valve (for ships with one bottom)
 074894-0000-000 5020-AB Converter with cable length 40 m and mounting kit
 073500-0000-000 4983 Gate valve (for ships with one bottom)
 074895-0000-000 5020-AC Converter with 60 m cable and mounting kit
 042700-0000-000 Power supply unit, if the direct current is not used for the electronics module, the input current is 85-264 VAC, the output is 24 V DC, 2.5 A

 * The function of the Doppler converter depends critically on the location of the converter. Recommendations for choosing the right location are available on request. Before installation, it is necessary to obtain recommendations for an optimum location based on an overview of the ship's drawings.

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