Valve Control and Monitoring System (VCMS) Praxis

Valve Control and Monitoring System (VCMS) Praxis
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Valve Control and Monitoring System (VCMS) Praxis

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Valve Control and Monitoring System (VCMS) Praxis provides remote valve and pump control via Operator Workstations to assist the crew in cargo handling, ballasting, ami heeling and fuel oil transfer operations. The Mega-Guard VCMS is mainly applied on product tankers, chemical tankers, supply vessels, container vessels, bulk carriers and Ro-Ro ferries.

The Mega-Guard VCMS consists of Operator Workstations with dedicated mimic diagrams (cargo handling, ballast control, anti heeling and fuel oil transfer) connected to Distributed Processing Units which are built-up with Control Processors, I/O Modules and Serial link I/O Modules. Sensors (level, temperature, pressure, etc.), valves and pumps are directly connected to the I/O Modules and Serial link I/O Modules. The Operator Workstations and the Distributed Processing Units are interconnected via a redundant Ethernet link. The whole system is operating on 19-32VDC supply voltage and moving parts such as hard disk drives are not applied; solid state disks are used instead. The Mega-Guard VCMS is the most reliable system with a MTBF which outperfoms our competitors because of these facts.
The software of Mega-Guard VCMS is standardized as control functions are written with IEC61131 -3 compliant building blocks. This guarantees proper and standardized documentation of each control function in order to allow for easy operation and maintenance by ship's crew as well.

World-wide Navigational Warning System 16.12.2021 World-wide Navigational Warning System
The International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and International Maritime Organisation (IMO) have created a common system for navigational warnings. Warnings are published in NtM, are broadcast in English on NAVTEX and on VHF