Propulsion Control System (PCS) Praxis

The Mega-Guard Propulsion Control System (PCS) fully automates the remote control on the bridge from the main propulsion engines, gearboxes and fixed or controllable pitch propellers. The Propulsion Control System fulfills the rules of the classification societies and includes remote control, engine safely, RPM/Pitch indication, telegraph and electronic governor. The reliable Operator Panels on the bridge, the control room and on the local control stand are easy to operate and to install. The Mega-Guard PCS receives orders from the Manoeuvring Lever on the bridge and control room. The remote control system activates starting, stopping and reversing mechanisms and gives a thrust (speed or pitch) setpoint. Steerable thrusters (azimuth control) are also supported by the Mega-Guard PCS. The Mega-Guard Propulsion Control System includes frequency controlled electronic drive systems for electric propulsion motors up to 3000kW at 690Vac as well.
The Mega-Guard PCS is operated from Operator Panels at bridge, control room and local control
stand. The bridge and control room Operator Panels are identical and contain the following:
• Manoeuvring Lever (follow-up control).
  • The Manoeuvring Lever is supplied depending on propulsion configuration: single lever, double lever and azimuth lever with steering function. Electrical shaft (synchronisation) in between bridge levers is supplied as option.
  • 8.4' TFT colour display with 12 control pushbuttons. RPM, Pitch. Load and/or Steering indicators are integrated in the 8.4' TFT. In addition, control position, control mode and various alarms and status indicators are displayed. The PCS is operated via 12 control pushbuttons: the function of the pushbutton is displayed in the 8.4' TFT and includes pushbuttons for control position take over, start/stop, operating mode (manoeuvring, sailing, emergency), combined or seperate RPM/Pich control, dimming etc.
  • Non follow-up control pushbuttons. The non follow-up control is used as a back-up in case the remote control system fails.
  • Emergency Slop pushbutton.
  • Integrated Telegraph order/reply with additional Telegraph Indication Panel.
The Mega-Guard Propulsion Control System supports the following propulsion configurations:
  • Medium speed diesel engine
  • Low speed reversible diesel engine
  • Electric motor
  • Fixed pitch propeller (FPP)
  • Controllable pitch propeller (CPP)
  • Azimuth thruster/Z Drive
The Mega-Guard CPP Propulsion Control System (CPP) fully automates from bridge and control room the control of CPP thruster and main engine. The CPP thruster can be driven by electric or diesel motor. The Mega-Guard CPP can be supplied for a single engine / single CPP thruster or for a dual engine / dual CPP thruster. Two engines on one
shaft is supported as an option as well. The CPP Propulsion Control System fulfills the rules of the classification societies and includes, remote control, safety, pitch indication, RPM indication and a back-up pitch control system. Operator Panels can be supplied for bridge fore, bridge aft, bridge wings and control room. Operator panels are equipped with a combined pitch and RPM setting lever and a display to select various operator modes and to indicate pitch, engine RPM, shaft RPM and motor load. Customer can easily execute commissioning as all parameters are selectable on the Operator Panels in a user friendly way.

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