Navi Trex 250 / 180


Navi Trex 250 / 180

Navi Trex 250 (class 'A'), Navi Trex 180 (class 'B')

Electronic chart system (ECS) Class 'A' and 'B' Navi Trex 250 Trex 180 and Navi are designed for installation on ships of less than 3,000 rt and riverboats.

Set of equipment is a hardware and software system (PAC) with the ability to work in different variants for interfacing with other navigation equipment.Mapping systems can operate in standalone mode or as part of an integrated navigation system combined with different navigation sensors.


PAK includes monoblock keyboard with trackball, auxiliary equipment required regulatory agency as part of PAC software. In this configuration, the system proposed for installation on ships.

Monobloc for electronic chart display can be installed in a special console integrated into the remote control of the vessel and is mounted on a special bracket in a convenient location for the skipper.

Function hardware-software complex (PAK)

Complex equipment electronic mapping systems include:

  • System Electronic Chart Display and Information
  • Route planning system
  • Monitoring system and route tracking objects surrounding the ship
  • Alarm system
  • Proofing system and update the collection of electronic cards
  • System integration of navigational equipment
  • Control system of navigation sensors
  • System backup and recovery record navigation information

The ability to integrate

Production equipment 'Transas' has a high level of integration. There is a possibility of 'connection' from the information of various sensors:

  • Ten to positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, etc.);
  • two ARPA;
  • two gyrocompass;
  • magnetic compass;
  • two lags;
  • two echo sounders;
  • wind sensors;
  • water temperature sensor;
  • AIS-transponder.

The information provided

Equipment provides real-time skipper all the basic information you need:

  • current location and the motion vector of the vessel;
  • other positioning sensors connected;
  • contour of the vessel in accordance with the specified parameters and scale of the map;
  • of hazardous installations and areas on the map;
  • radar / ARPA with the ability to work with radar targets;
  • AIS-purposes with the ability to work with AIS targets.

Working with e-cards

All electronic mapping systems allow multiple card transactions:

  • automatic download
  • scaling;
  • on / off various layers of information;
  • obtain information on navigation facilities;
  • transition planning;
  • executive management gaskets real voyage;
  • Tracking available on the ship during the river card kilometer points;
  • creation of plans search and rescue operations;
  • AIS tracking purposes when working with AIS equipment;
  • Enabling true or relative motion;
  • implementation of orientation 'to the north', 'course', 'route';
  • display sizes of towed objects;
  • Use additional library symbols for river application objects in manual proofreading.

Additional functions

Information from databases

System users have access to the following databases 'Transas' containing information to accelerate calculations and perform accurate calculations to optimize the transition and reduce fuel consumption in the upcoming flight:

  • ports of the world;
  • High tides and tidal currents;
  • seasonal surface currents.

Route Planning

Route planning is possible in tabular and graphical mode based on electronic chart information. Creating a safe corridor within the parameters of motion (speed, vessel draft, stock under the keel, etc.) allows validation of the route for possible hazards within the recommended corridor for safe movement.

Availability planned route transition allows you to create a schedule of your boat on it, consider various options, taking into account the features of motion and planned activities of the crew on the route (alarms, exercises, etc.).

When working with the route skipper has the ability to:

  • transmit data about the route to the main station on the backup (network version ECDIS);
  • exchange routes with equipment  GLONASS / GPS  (if feasible in GLONASS / GPS);
  • print out the route table;
  • save routes on an external drive and restore them on another vessel ( in the office ) with the same software mapping system.

Electronic Logbook

When using the system on board all the information is automatically recorded in the electronic logbook. Recorded navigation data of connected subsystems used card, operator. The operator of the system may at any time make a forced entry, enter the information about the weather and your comments.


Alarm system work is performed in accordance with international requirements, represented as a chime and / or display and is designed to prevent accidents.

Recording playback function transition (Play Back)

When the vessel is automatically archived recording of his route (track). Function  Play Back  is designed to view all the details of the last flight using track data and logbook. This functionality allows to analyze the movement of a ship on board the ship and the shipping company to arrange exercises in parsing emergencies.

Overlay radar image

The system can be installed  board radar processor  production 'Transas' that receives a signal from the radar, digital processing of the received signal and generates an array of data to overlay radar images on an electronic map.

Integrated weather module

Integrated in the module production forecast 'Transas' enables users to receive e-mail information about the weather forecast for 5 days, coming from the UK Meteorological Office (Met. Office, UK, Bracknell), and display it on an electronic map.

Integration with AIS

Conjugation system with  AIS transponder  provides the following functionality:

  • calculation of points of convergence with colliding or being overtaken (overtaking) objectives;
  • display of AIS targets on the screen;
  • complete information about purposes;
  • sending and receiving messages;
  • rapid identification purposes by name, number IMO, MMSI, and call sign;
  • allocation of selected targets on the map.

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