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Improvement of VisionMaster FT products

Improvement of VisionMaster FT products

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine announced significant improvements in commercial radars, Chart-Radar and ECDIS.

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Forecasts of maritime satellite communications

The rapid development of satellite technology and the increasing demand for marine satellite communications increase competition satellite operators. 
VSAT systems have recently started to provide high speed stability to return to the global network, and mobility systems has led to their popularity among the shipowners.
The next step in the development of satellite communications at sea - is the application of HTS-satellites. HTS (High Throughput Satellites) - a broadband satellites that have greater capacity than the traditional ones. They can be used as a frequency Ka-, Ku-, and C-band, and the capacity of these satellites is measured in hundreds of gigabits per second. 

So it is expected that such a giant like Google, plans to bring into low Earth orbit satellites 180, which may also undoubtedly increase the power terminals VSAT, as well as possibly make the connection less. 
Market forecasts of marine VSAT terminals 
In 2013, the top 3 providers of VSAT - KVH, Inmarsat Solutions and Airbus D & S - held together approximately 50% market share maritime VSAT. Top 10 - about 83%. 
The business model of service providers based on VSAT packages at a fixed price per month, and in order to keep pace with the market VSAT, ISPs MSS, which until recently were selling airtime, and started offering packages at a fixed price. 
Based on the strong demand for data transmission specialists Euroconsult expect a major increase in the proportion of VSAT terminals in the market of maritime satellite communication in the next decade. This demand for the three main categories of services: Communication concerning the safety of navigation; professional communication vessels; entertainment for the crew. 
It is predicted that in 2023 the revenue of service providers in the maritime market will reach approximately $ 2.1 billion, and 70% of this amount will be accounted for VSAT, and the remaining 30% - the share of MSS-services. 

Given forecasts of experts Euroconsult for the next 10 years.



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