GWT-2000-SGWT-2000-SA antenna

GWT-2000-SGWT-2000-SA antenna
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GWT-2000-SGWT-2000-SA antenna

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GWT-2000-SGWT-2000-SA antenna

GWT-2000-SGWT-2000-SA antenna is an omnidirectional marine radio and television antenna specially designed for receiving a TV signal on ships. It provides a wide coverage of the outgoing signal without the need to rotate the antenna to find the best signal direction from the local TV and radio transmitter.

The antenna has a special design that allows it to catch signals from all directions simultaneously. This is especially important on sea vessels, where the vessel is constantly moving and the direction of the signal may change.

Such an antenna usually consists of several elements placed on a special platform or mast. They provide reception of signals at various frequencies and form a composite signal, which is then transmitted to the receiving equipment on the ship.

Using the GWT-2000-SGWT-2000-SA antenna facilitates the process of receiving television and radio signals on ships, since there is no need to manually direct the antenna and look for the optimal signal direction. It also increases the reliability and accessibility of communication during the voyage, ensuring continuous reception of television programs and radio stations on board the ship.

Technical specifications
 Reception frequency TV range 48-900 MHz
 Reception frequency FM band 85-108 MHz
 Reception frequency range AM (GWT-2000-SA          0.3–20 MHz
 Gain gain ≥ 20 dB (48 Hz-900 MHz)
 Receiving direction full horizontal direction (unevenness ≤ 4 dB)     
 Max. Output level  ≥15 dB V
 Noise factor <7 dB
 Color White (RAL 1013)
 IP class IP56
 Weight 4.7 kg

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