SAN-30R Receiving Antenna

SAN-30R Receiving Antenna
SAN-30R - marine receiving pin (DSC) antenna with fastening. This antenna is made in a fiberglass body with polyurethane lacquer finish. The SAN-30R can be used as a receiving antenna for simplex and duplex channels of the SSB of the maritime mobile service. Also for MF / HF range, it can be used as a transceiver.

The SAN-30R antenna is used in GMDSS systems and fully meets all the requirements.

  • Frequency range: 1,6 +/- 30 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Maximum voltage: 9 kV
  • Wind speed - 60 m / s
  • Operating temperature range: -55С / + 55С
  • Polarization: vertical
  • Overall height - 6,4 m
  • Weight - 4 kg

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SAN-30R Receiving Antenna

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