Antenna complex RAK-7

Antenna complex RAK-7
Antenna complex RAK-7
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Antenna complex RAK-7

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RAK-7 - a river antenna complex, which includes a cylindrical antenna produced by Radial and an antenna tuner from Vertex Standard FC-40. RAK-7 operates in the short-wave range of radio stations. This complex is used on river ships with limited space for the installation of antennas.

RAK-7 provides high-quality reception and signal transmission. Antenna complex is 4 conductors 7 meters in length, made of steel cable with several copper wires in a PVC sheath. Three conductors have in their composition extension coils of copper wire, closed with a shrink tube. The RAK-7 performance is only possible if there is a reliable grounding for the FC-40 antenna tuner.

  • Frequency ranges: 2182 kHz, 4000-4063 kHz, 4063-4438 kHz, 6200-6520 kHz, 8195-8815 kHz, 16400-17360 kHz, 22000-22720 kHz, 25100-25600 kHz
  • Resistance 50 Ohm
  • 400 watts maximum power
  • Size 7 m (length of antenna)
  • Weight 1,960 kg
  • Horizontal polarization
  • Material of the radiator is a brass-plated steel wire in PVC insulation
  • Operating temperature range -40 C / + 55 C

Performance Standards for VDR 26.11.2016 Performance Standards for VDR
Performance Standards for VDR Annex 26. Resolution MSC.163 (78) of 17 May 2004 year.

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