Antenna System Details 81

Antenna System Details 81
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Antenna System Details 81

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Antenna System Details 81

The Ditel S81 is a marine satellite television antenna system that has excellent satellite signal reception capabilities thanks to an 83 cm (32.70 in) long reflector. Due to the pre-programmed satellite database, users can select a satellite via a PC or phone application after connecting to the USB interface, Wifi design ACU.

Ditel S81 also has a number of additional characteristics that make it versatile and efficient to use:
High performance: The Ditel S81 antenna system provides a high level of satellite signal reception performance thanks to its efficient antenna design and high-quality components.

Lightweight and compact: The Ditel S81 antenna system features a lightweight and compact design, which makes it easy to install and carry. This is especially important for sea travel and work on yachts, boats and other vessels.

Wide Coverage: The Ditel S81 offers wide satellite signal coverage anywhere in the world where the minimum level of EIRP (Effective Distributed Radiated power) is more than 44 dBW. This allows users to enjoy satellite TV and connectivity almost everywhere.

Easy setup and management: The Dankitsview application for PC or phone allows users to easily select the desired satellite from a pre-programmed database. The ability to connect via USB or Wi-Fi makes the setup and management process convenient and efficient.

3-axis orientation: In the immediate vicinity of the equator, the 3-axis orientation of the Ditel S81 is preferred. This allows the antenna system to accurately follow the satellite and maintain a continuous connection.

Ditel S81 is a reliable and productive marine satellite TV antenna system that provides excellent satellite signal reception and allows users to enjoy a wide range of satellite services anywhere in the world.

Technical specifications
 Radome dimension(WxH)  104.6*102cm (41.18*40.16 inch) 
 Reflector diameter  83cm (32.7 inch )
 Weight  55kg (121.2 lbs)
 Radom colour  White/Blue
 Radom material  ASA/SMC
 Environmental humidity                                      0-95%    
 Operating temp. range   -20 ~ 70℃  
 Platform  3-axis stabilized, 4-axis tracking
 AZ range/ tracking rate   0°~680°/ ±8°@15S
 EL range/ tracking rate   -10°~110°/ ±20°@6S
 Roll range/ tracking rate  ±35°/ ±20°@6S
 Skew range/ tracking rate  ±167.5°/ ±20°@6S
 Initial lock                ≤2Min
 RX frequency   10.7~12.75GHz (Ku-band)
 Min. EIRP  44dBW
 Polarization  Linear polarization          
 Antenna type  Ring focus antenna

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