Antenna Comrod AV-7

Antenna Comrod AV-7
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Antenna Comrod AV-7

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Comrod AV-7 is a high-quality dipole antenna designed for maritime radiotelephony services, operating in the frequency range 156-165 MHz. The AV-7 has a sturdy construction and can be installed on the bulkhead using aluminum brackets or on a mast using a tube with U-bolts (the tube can be horizontal or vertical).

The height of the Comrod AV-7 is 1.3 meters, thanks to the solid pin the antenna is protected from the severe sea climate.

  • The frequency range is 156-165 MHz
  • Polarization - vertical
  • Power rating - 100 W
  • Amplification - 2 dBi
  • Connector - PL
  • Length - 1.25 m
  • Weight - 1 kg (together with mounting bolts)
  • Wind load - up to 55 m / s
  • Temperature regime: -55 C - +71 C

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