Antenna Comrod AT53

Antenna Comrod AT53
Antenna Comrod AT53
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Antenna Comrod AT53

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The Comrod AT53 antenna is a 16 ft (4.9 m) antenna operating in the MF / HF frequency band (1.6-30 MHz,). It consists of two sections of stainless steel. It is made of fiberglass. It is used on vessels of any type and for the needs of sea and land services, meets the requirements of the GMDSS. The fasteners are made of moisture and frost-resistant materials, which makes it possible to use the antenna in different climatic conditions.

There are mounting options:

  • AT53M16-2 mast installation or directly to the wall
  • AT53DS16-2 flange mounting.
  • AT53TS16-2 installation on welded square brackets.


  • Frequency range 1.6-30 MHz
  • Power 1 kW PEP
  • Electrical length - (4.6 m) 15.1 m
  • Weight 3.5 kg
  • The section size is 8 feet (2.45 m)
  • Temperature regime - from -55 C to +71 C