Antenna KVA-1

Antenna KVA-1
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Antenna KVA-1

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KVA-1 is a short-wave active antenna with a circular pattern designed to receive information from a facsimile and NAVTEX receiver of any type.

Structurally, the antenna housing is made of polyamide. Inside the case is the electronic board of the amplifier. Angle mount and pin mount are made of stainless steel. The pin is made of spring steel. At the base of the antenna there is a conductor with a terminal for grounding the antenna

The KVA-1 antenna can be mounted on a mast, bracket, horizontal surface, or any suitable structure using the supplied mounting kit. To ensure normal operation, the antenna should be raised to the highest possible height and as far away from other antennas and metal objects as possible.


     operating frequency range      0.08-30MHz
     polarization      vertical
     wave resistance      50 ohm
     preamp gain      up to 20 dB
     preamp supply voltage      6 to 12 volts
     preamp consumption      33 to 78 mA
     recommended supply voltage      9 volt
     operating temperature range      от -45 до +55⁰C
     relative humidity      95-100 %
     wind load      working 216 km/h limit 240 km/h  
     ice load (ice density 7 kN/m3)         working 25 limit 25
     overall dimensions of the antenna       1690 x 90 mm
     antenna weight       1.2 kg 
     length of cable        15m
     cable brand        RG-58

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