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Cobham 3D Product App

Cobham 3D Product App

Contains a complete catalog of digital products Cobham with images, videos and specifications

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Transas iSailor

Transas iSailor is an easy-to-use navigation system for recreational use, used by hundreds of thousands of sailors around the world. Designed for use on boats and yachts, iSailor provides a clear view of the navigation information, electronic maps and additional content.
Appendix iSailor designed for use on devices with Android and IOS. The application has the basic functions and options needed for navigation and navigational uses vector maps Transas. The application has a convenient user-friendly interface. The same advantage evlyaetsya free update application.

To start using iSailor enough:
Download the free app from iTunes or PlayMarket.
Buy and install the required card through this app.
The version of the application for Android devices Transas released in July 2015. Popular chartplotter application and view the AIS was available for users of IOS devices since 2010.
As part of a commitment to continuous improvement, Transas developers are also working on the possibility of transferring to Android tablets and smartphones of all collections of maps of the previously purchased by the user for the version of IOS iSailor. This feature will be released in late 2015, will provide a truly cross-platform solution for users running multiple devices.
Downloading the application is free. iSailor application is compatible with phones and tablets running Android 4.4 or later.

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