Spare parts for radio navigation equipment


Spare parts for radio navigation equipment

Over time, any mechanism becomes unusable. Parts burn out, clutches are erased, consumables wear out. However, it is unwise to replace the entire engine every time one of its parts breaks.

The same applies to marine and river ship equipment. It is not at all necessary to replace the entire unit if one board is faulty in it. The company "Communication and Radio Navigation" carries out repairs of any complexity and maintenance of radio navigation equipment. We also have a warehouse where a wide range of used spare parts has been accumulated over the years. Engineers with extensive experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of marine and river equipment select serviceable copies that are suitable for repairing both new equipment and old ones that have been discontinued. Spare parts are presented in large quantities.

Why is it profitable to buy spare parts from our warehouse?

  • Prices are lower than those of the manufacturer;

  • Shipment is carried out on the day of order;

  • The product is always in stock;

  • Operation guarantee.


Qualified engineers of the "Communication and Radionavigation" company go to the sites and assess the degree of damage to the equipment, after which they suggest replacing worn out or burnt parts with working ones, if possible. Such parts can be purchased from the manufacturer, but used parts stored in the warehouse in St. Petersburg have been tested and are recyclable with a guarantee.

It is important to remember that communication and radio navigation equipment needs annual servicing, which is commensurate with the price of new spare parts. Since service costs remain the same, you can save on parts costs by purchasing used parts from stock.

The assortment, presented at the warehouse of the Svyaz and Radionavigation company in St. Petersburg, has the following names of ship equipment:


•       Radars

Furuno FR-2115, Furuno FR-2817, Furuno FR-2127

Sperry BM II, Sperry BME, Sperry VMFT

Koden 2910, Koden 7910

Atlas 1000

JRS JMA-5312


•       VDRs

Furuno VR-3000

Sperry VM II

DM 100 VDR Danelec, DM 200 VDR Danelec, DM 400 VDR Danelec

JRS JCY-1850

Headway HMT 100


•       Gyrocompasses

NGSM Navigat X MK I, NGSM Navigat X MK II, NGSM SR220

Tokyo Keiki TG-8000

Yokogama CMZ-700, Yokogama CMZ-900

PGM CMZ-700, PGM CMZ-900

Anschütz std-20, Anschütz std-22


•       VHF, MF/HF radio installations

SAILOR/Thrane/Cobham серии 2000,

SAILOR/Thrane/Cobham серии 3000,

SAILOR/Thrane/Cobham серии 4000,

SAILOR/Thrane/Cobham серии 5000,

SAILOR/Thrane/Cobham серии 6000

Furuno VHF 8500, Furuno VHF 8800, Furuno VHF 8900

Furuno MF/HF 1562, Furuno MF/HF 1570, Furuno MF/HF 1575

Inmarsat Felcom-12, Inmarsat Felcom-15, Inmarsat Felcom-16, Inmarsat Felcom-18



•       Satellite connection

Iridium Pilot




•       AIS

•       Speed Logs

•       Echo sounder

•       Navtex

•       Command Intercom System


and much more. The entire list of spare parts and the actual number of items in stock can be found at the link: https://cirspb.ru/blog/sklad/


For order:

• call by phone: +7 (812) 679-09-10

• Leave a request to sales@cirspb.ru, a company manager will contact you shortly.


We are waiting for your orders and guarantee fruitful cooperation!

If you have any questions, please send them to the service department: service@cirspb.ru

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