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Aids to Navigation

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Fleetview Online

Fleetview Online - ship security alert system SSAS (SSAS), providing safety on board. Fleetview Online allows you to determine the position of ships, estimate the distance from the ship to the port of destination, track the history of the vessel's movement, process and send out SSAS-messages and even solve potential crisis situations.

Fleetview Online, implemented on the basis of HTML5, operates on the basis of an Internet browser. This system supports all Inmarsat equipment (Thrane / JRC / Furuno / Pole Star / Honeywell / Stratum 5). Fleetview Online has a built-in extensive database of world ports with the ability to select a destination port and quickly display the zone of approaches to it on an electronic map. The history of vessel movement can be displayed in graphical or tabular form. In the Fleetview Online system, it is also possible to create custom map objects, such as zones, lines, and points to automatically generate various alerts.

Fleetview Online provides data on weather conditions: swell, wind direction and wave height, currents and tides for the next 5 days according to the service provided by Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT). Unique access codes provide secure login to the system. Reports of daily location reports can be sent in NMEA format, which simplifies the integration of FleetView Online data with the monitoring program of the shipping company.

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